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Do “Natural” Toothpastes Really Work?

September 8, 2015

If you are interested in holistic dentistry, natural toothpastes are the way to go.

Do “Natural” Toothpastes Really Work?There are many excellent reasons to choose “natural” products, whether you’re trying to reduce your impact on the planet or protect your health. However, one stumbling block people sometimes encounter when pondering whether to go natural is the question “Do natural products really work?”

When it comes to natural toothpastes, the answer is yes.

Top-quality natural toothpastes have everything you need—and none of the additives you don’t. This makes them ideal for individuals interested in holistic dentistry, who need to be mindful of the effect that their oral care has on their body as a whole. With the right natural toothpaste, you will get all the benefits of nice clean teeth with none of the questionable or unknown effects of artificial chemical ingredients.

Natural Toothpastes Do Not Contain:

Artificial Sweeteners: Conventional toothpaste is often sweetened with lab-created chemicals such as saccharin that do not derive from any natural food source. When they contain sweeteners at all, natural toothpastes use ingredients derived from plant sources such as stevia or xylitol.

Artificial Flavors: Depending on the brand and flavor of toothpaste, you may see artificial flavorings in the ingredient list. This means that the flavor compounds were made by manipulating chemicals rather than by extracting or otherwise deriving the flavor from a natural source. Natural toothpastes tend to be more limited in their flavors than conventional toothpastes but this is because they only contain natural flavors such as peppermint oil.

Artificial Colors: Color serves no real purpose in toothpaste, except perhaps to help manufacturers differentiate their products and to satisfy consumers’ variety-seeking behaviors. It does not affect the performance of the toothpaste at all. Natural toothpastes do not use artificial colors and typically are just plain white.

Preservatives: The long shelf life of conventional toothpastes is due to the presence of chemical preservatives such as sodium methyl paraben and ethyl paraben. When natural toothpastes contain preservatives, they will use a natural ingredient like citric acid. When citric acid is used it is in a very small amount that will not affect the pH of your mouth or soften tooth enamel like eating citrus fruit can.

SLS: SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate is a foaming agent that has been linked to canker sores. Since it is not really necessary for an effective toothpaste, you may want to opt for a natural product that replaces SLS with an ingredient such as baking soda.

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