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Flexible Spending Accounts

Save Money on Dental Care with Flexible Spending Accounts

Don’t lose your 2014 flex spending contributions! Schedule an appointment at California Dental Group today.

Let’s face it. Many insurance plans don’t offer great dental. Sure, they may cover a routine cleaning or two plus any emergency needs, but what about the cosmetic services you need to keep your smile in mint condition? Fortunately, when insurance coverage falls flat, Flexible Spending Accounts can help. These accounts allow you to pay for dental care and other health expenses with pre-tax income, saving you money in the long run.

Use It or Lose It

The catch? FSA BENEFITS EXPIRE. It is absolutely crucial to ensure you use up all the cash you’ve contributed to your account before the expiration deadline. In other words, use it or lose it! There is absolutely no way to recover unused contributions or roll them over for future use once the deadline and grace period have passed.

4 Ways to Use Your Leftover Flexible Spending Benefits Now

Hopefully, you don’t have too much cash left in your account as the deadline approaches. Here are some excellent ways to spend that last little bit of cash while also improving the health and beauty of your smile.

  1. Get a Dental Cleaning: It’s always a good time for a dental cleaning. Besides the immediate pleasure of a clean, tartar- and plaque-free mouth, an extra dental cleaning will deliver long-term protection against tooth decay and tooth loss.
  2. Whiten Your Teeth: There’s nothing like a professional teeth whitening session to refresh your smile and take years off your appearance. This hour-long procedure is an excellent way to use up FSA benefits quickly and conveniently.
  3. Replace a Filling: Just because your fillings haven’t actually failed doesn’t mean they couldn’t benefit from an upgrade. We can replace old silver fillings with new, virtually invisible white ones for a prettier smile.
  4. Update Your Restorations: Any type of restoration, from veneers to crowns to bridges or dentures, will need adjustment over time. Stay ahead of the game by using the last of this year’s flex spending benefits to update your restorations now.


It’s the end of the year… Your flexible spending, health savings, and insurance benefits are about to expire. Don’t let YOUR money get thrown away! Instead, treat yourself to a smile makeover or extra dental cleaning from the skilled staff of California Dental Group. With 10 locations to serve you, we’re sure to be able to get you an appointment before the FSA claim deadline.

Plan for Next Year Now

Have you been rushing around at the end of this year, trying to use up all your FSA benefits before they expire? Don’t get stuck in this same position next year! At California Dental Group, we can help you budget for your expected dental care needs for next year. Whether you want to get braces for your child or simply plan on routine visits for everyone in the family, we’ll help you figure out how much cash to put in your FSA to cover it.

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