Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

$199 Laser Teeth Whitening

Expires on July 31, 2024

Teeth whitening is a simple, non-invasive cosmetic dental treatment that can change the color of your natural tooth enamel and enhance the beauty of your smile.

Because having whiter teeth has now become the number one aesthetic concern of most patients, there are a number of ways to whiten teeth. You’ve probably seen tons of over-the-counter whitening products at your local drug store, from whitening toothpastes to rinses to whitening strips and other types of at-home treatments. However, the single most effective way to whiten teeth is with a professional teeth whitening session in your dentist’s office.

At California Dental Group, we offer the Rembrandt One Hours Smile Whitening Process to patients wishing to brighten their teeth and take years off of their appearance. The process is safe and comfortable and the results will be long-lasting, provided you take good care of your teeth and avoid staining agents such as tobacco, coffee, tea, and red wine.

Since teeth whitening only works on natural tooth enamel, it is important to consider how the presence of any old fillings, crowns, etc. will affect the results of your whitening treatment. Replacement of any restorations will be done after bleaching so they will match the newly bleached teeth.

Reasons for tooth whitening:

  • Fluorosis (excessive fluoridation during tooth development)
  • Yellow teeth due to age or normal wear of outer tooth layer
  • Stained teeth due to medications (tetracycline, etc.)
  • Stains from coffee, tea, red wine, or smoking

What does tooth whitening involve?

The Rembrandt One Hour Smile Whitening Process can be completed in as little as one hour. However, we highly recommend getting a dental cleaning before your teeth whitening. This will add some time to your appointment, but it will enable you to receive even more dramatic whitening results from the treatment.

The first step in the actual whitening process is to apply a protective material to your gums so that the whitening gel will not irritate them. Next, the whitening gel will be applied to your teeth. Then, we will position a special light over your teeth to activate the gel and speed the whitening process. This part of the treatment takes 20 to 30 minutes.

After your treatment, you will be given tips about how to keep your smile bright for as long as possible. You may wish to schedule recurring treatments to make sure your teeth are always white.

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