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Your New Year’s Resolution and Your Dental Health

December 12, 2015

Many common New Year’s Resolutions relate to your oral health.

Your New Year’s Resolution and Your Dental HealthIn just a few short weeks, 2015 will be over and 2016 will be upon us. This means it’s that time of year again…New Year’s resolution time. You might be surprised to realize that if you pick any of these top 5 most common New Year’s resolutions, your oral health will be affected.

Let’s take a look:

  1. Lose Weight. Have you ever noticed that the foods that tend to be bad for your waistline also tend to be bad for your teeth? If, as part of your efforts to lose weight in 2016, you cut out sugary…

Top Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

December 11, 2015

Learn about the benefits you can enjoy by switching from traditional dentures to implant-supported dentures.

Top Benefits of Implant-Supported DenturesDespite all the advances in dental care, tooth loss remains a serious problem, especially for those who many not have taken excellent care of their teeth over the years. In fact, over 30 million Americans are missing all the teeth in at least one of their arches, with many of these individuals missing all of their teeth in both the upper and lower arches.

If you are one of these individuals, you may have been using traditional dentures as a solution. While dentures are certainly better than having no teeth at all, they do…

Good News for Those Who Fear the Drill: We Offer Gentler Techniques

December 10, 2015

Preventative care is an effective treatment for minor tooth decay

Good News for Those Who Fear the Drill: We Offer Gentler TechniquesDo you dread the thought of having to get a cavity filled at the dentist? Has this fear lead you to skip your annual dental visits, postponing care until your teeth are too painful to ignore?

We have good news for you. For minor tooth decay, preventative care is actually more effective than the traditional drill and fill approach that you fear. This means that if you visit your dentist regularly and take excellent care of your teeth at home, you may never need to get another filling—even if you do get…

Options for Making Teeth Look Great After a Root Canal

December 9, 2015

Our cosmetic dentists can make sure teeth that have had root canals continue to look natural and beautiful.

Options for Making Teeth Look Great After a Root CanalA root canal is an extremely beneficial treatment that can go a long way towards preserving the natural beauty and integrity of your smile. It allows severely damaged or decayed teeth to be cleaned up and stabilized so that you do not have to have them extracted.

However, over the years a tooth that has had a root canal may begin to look less natural and attractive, due to staining and/or changes in your mouth as you age. Fortunately, when this happens you can turn to…

What’s the Difference Between Veneers and Lumineers?

December 8, 2015

Lumineers are actually a specific brand of veneers.

What’s the Difference Between Veneers and Lumineers?If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, you may already be aware that veneers can help. When applied by a skilled cosmetic dentist, veneers can cover up a variety of imperfections, such as:

  • Discoloration
  • Gaps
  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Worn or uneven teeth
  • Oddly sized teeth
  • Slightly crooked teeth

However, you may not realize that deciding to get veneers is actually just the first decision you will need to make. You will also need to choose a brand of veneers, as well as the material the veneers are made from and the size, shape, and color of veneer that will look most natural in your…

What You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening and the FDA

December 7, 2015

Learn where to find FDA-approved teeth whitening treatments

What You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening and the FDAMost Americans look to the FDA for reassurance that the foods and medications they put into their bodies are safe. Any while you would not actually ingest a teeth whitening product, you might nonetheless wonder what the FDA has to say about them.

If, like many people, you simply assume that all products on the shelf at your local pharmacy are safe, you will be surprise to learn that:

Over the Counter Teeth Whitening Products are Not FDA-Approved

The teeth whitening products you can buy in the store contain lower levels of peroxide and other active ingredients…

Top Dental Gadgets to Ask Santa For

December 6, 2015

5 products that can help you take better care of your teeth.

Top Dental Gadgets to Ask Santa ForHave you ever heard the song “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth”? While this is a charming request for a gap-toothed six-year-old to make, tooth loss is definitely not attractive in an adult, and you certainly don’t want to find yourself asking for new teeth this Christmas.

Fortunately, by maintaining a good oral hygiene routine you can dramatically reduce your chances of having any of your teeth fall victim to the top two causes of tooth loss, namely tooth decay or gum disease.

Here are some of the top dental gadgets that…

Start Planning for Your Teen’s Invisalign Treatment Today

December 5, 2015

Planning ahead can make it easier to pay for Invisalign treatment

Start Planning for Your Teen's Invisalign Treatment TodayDoes your teenager have crooked teeth? They’re probably getting to the age where this flaw in their appearance really starts to bother them, and they might be asking for clear Invisalign braces to improve their smile.

Before you dismiss their request as mere teenage vanity, consider the fact that straightening teeth with orthodontics can have many other benefits besides simply improving the appearance of your child’s smile:

  • Making teeth easier to clean (which helps prevent cavities)
  • Ensuring a proper bite (which helps prevent jaw pain)
  • Improving self-esteem

Despite these benefits, you may still be reluctant to get orthodontic treatment…

When Was the Last Time You Got Dental X-Rays?

December 4, 2015

There’s still time to use your insurance plan’s dental x-ray benefit in 2015

When Was the Last Time You Got Dental X-Rays?Have you been going to the dentist at least once a year like a good patient? If so, you should be up to date on your dental x-rays. But if not, the last x-rays in your patient file could be really old. You might not even remember when they were last taken!

If this is the case, we recommend coming in to California Dental Group for a cleaning & exam complete with dental x-rays. We are always happy to welcome new patients, no matter how long it may have been since…

The Dirty Truth About Dental Bridges

December 3, 2015

Be sure you understand the pros and cons of dental bridges before undergoing treatment.

The Dirty Truth About Dental BridgesAre you missing a tooth? Your first thought might be that you will have to get a dental bridge to replace it. For many years, dental bridges were indeed the go-to tooth replacement solution for many Americans. However, this treatment is quickly losing ground to dental implants—and for good reason. Dental bridges actually have many limitations that make them only the second-best choice for tooth replacement for most individuals.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge typically consists of three attached crowns. The crown in the center replaces your missing tooth. The crowns on…

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