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Giving Back to the Community – One Tooth at a Time!

May 29, 2016

Hundreds Received No-Cost Dental Care

During the week of May 15 over 600 people through Southern California received absolutely free dental care services.

For the 11th year in a row California Dental Group has made a very positive difference in the community by hosting Free Emergency Dental Care Days as part of their growing annual effort to serve those who don’t have the money to go to the dentist.  The events were held in the Upland, Oxnard/Port Hueneme, Burbank/North Hollywood, and Los Angeles offices of California Dental Group.

Realizing that many people are struggling in the current economy, California Dental Group wants to give people, who couldn’t otherwise afford it, an opportunity to take care of dental problems before they become more…

FAQ on Visiting the Dentist in Los Angeles

May 6, 2016

Get answers to commonly asked questions about routine dental visits.

FAQ on Visiting the Dentist in Los AngelesDid you know that about 100 million Americans do not visit the dentist every year? If you are among them, it is very important that you make an appointment with a dentist in Los Angeles ASAP. If you have any doubts about the need for dental visits or questions about how to pay for the care you need, this FAQ will help give you the information you need to inspire you to make your appointment.

What’s So Important about Dental Visits?

Because many common dental…

To Care for your Teeth, Care for Your Toothbrush

May 5, 2016

If you haven’t changed your toothbrush lately, you’re not cleaning your teeth effectively

To Care for your Teeth, Care for Your ToothbrushMost people do recognize the importance of good oral hygiene for keeping teeth healthy and attractive. They know they need to brush at least twice per day and floss once per day in order to control the bacteria that cause tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease.

However, what many people overlook is the simple fact that to take good care of your teeth, you also need to take care of your toothbrush.

Specifically, you need to replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months,…

All About Tooth Enamel

May 4, 2016

Interesting facts about tooth enamel and how to keep your enamel strong and healthy.

All About Tooth EnamelEnamel is your tooth’s first line of defense against the world. How much do you really know about it?

What is Tooth Enamel?

Tooth enamel is a hard, shiny material that covers the surface of teeth and protects the dentin, tooth pulp, and nerves inside the tooth. Enamel is actually the hardest substance in the human body, made primarily of calcium phosphate deposited over a substrate of enamel matrix proteins.

How Did Tooth Enamel Evolve?

Interestingly, scientists now believe that tooth enamel didn’t actually originate on our teeth. Instead, it evolved in the skin and…

What to Expect from Professional Teeth Whitening

May 3, 2016

Learn about the benefits of professional teeth whitening at California Dental Group

What to Expect from Professional Teeth WhiteningDo you wish you had a whiter, more youthful, healthier-looking smile? Professional teeth whitening may be the solution you’ve been searching for. Here’s what you can expect from professional teeth whitening at California Dental Group:

Results: Professional teeth whitening in your dentist’s office is simply the best way to see significant improvements in the color of your teeth. Why? Because we are able to use stronger, more effective products than can be purchased over the counter, in combination with special activating lights that make the…

Getting Dental Bridges

May 2, 2016

Learn what getting a dental bridge involves and the pros and cons of this type of restoration.

Getting Dental BridgesIf you are missing one or two teeth in a row, a dental bridge can provide a good option for replacing those missing teeth. However, this type of tooth replacement does have some drawbacks. In this blog we will cover basic information about dental bridges.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a type of prosthetic consisting of three or four crowns bonded together in a row. The middle crown or crowns replace your missing tooth or teeth. The end crowns go over the teeth to either side of the…

Understanding Dental Implant Risk Factors

May 1, 2016

Learn what risk factors to avoid for a successful implant procedure.

Understanding Dental Implant Risk FactorsDental implants are an ideal solution for missing teeth. By replacing the entire tooth including the root structure, dental implants stimulate the bone in the jaw and prevent ongoing loss of bone density, which could otherwise lead to the shifting or eventual loss of neighboring teeth. Dental implants also provide a very strong, stable and natural-looking tooth replacement that can be used with complete freedom.

Dental implants in general have an extremely high rate of success. However, this is predicated upon implant dentists carefully screening patients and making sure only individuals who are…

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