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Tips for Promoting Kids’ Oral Health

November 21, 2013

Advice for keeping your child’s teeth strong and healthy from your dentist in Tustin CA

Tips for Promoting Kids’ Oral Health When it comes to dental care for kids, it’s important to remember that what we do now will have a lasting effect on the child’s oral health for their entire life. By following these tips from your trusted children’s dentist in Tustin CA, you can make sure that your child develops healthy teeth and good oral hygiene habits.

Set a Good Example

Kids tend to mirror the attitudes of their parents, so if you don’t think going to the dentist is important, you child probably won’t…

Healthy Teeth for Life: Expert Dental Care for the Whole Family

November 21, 2013

Get expert dental care for kids, teens, adults, and seniors at California Dental Group’s Port Hueneme clinic

Healthy Teeth for Life: Expert Dental Care for the Whole FamilyEach generation of the family needs specialized dental care, but you probably don’t want to haul your three-year-old to a pediatric dentist, your teenager to the orthodontist, and your aging parents to a geriatric dental specialist. Fortunately, you can get high-quality care for everyone in your family, regardless of their age or special needs, in one location at California Dental Group. Our Port Hueneme clinic is staffed by experienced dentists, each of whom specializes in their own dental niche.

Dental Care for Kids

Ideally, kids should start…

Tooth Decay & Gum Disease Are Leading Causes of Tooth Loss

November 21, 2013

Treat & prevent the leading causes of tooth loss with help from your dentist in North Hollywood CA

Tooth Decay & Gum Disease Are Leading Causes of Tooth LossDespite all the advances in the field of modern dentistry, the two same old problems, tooth decay and gum disease, continue to be the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. Just think, every year more teeth are lost due to the simple failure to brush and floss than due to accidents and injuries! At California Dental Group, we want to change this. Our expert dentists in North Hollywood CA are dedicated to helping our patients fight back against tooth decay and gum disease…

Cosmetic Solutions for Gapped Teeth

November 21, 2013

Keep gaps from ruining your smile with cosmetic dental treatment in Glendale CA

Cosmetic Solutions for Gapped TeethCosmetic dental treatments are becoming more and more common for people from all walks of life. When everyone around you seems to have a perfect smile, it can make you feel like your own dental imperfections stand out even more. Fortunately, visiting a cosmetic dentist in Glendale CA can help. At California Dental Group our expert cosmetic dentists can use a variety of treatments to help you perfect your smile and recover your self-confidence. For example, in the case of gapped teeth, we have two main treatments at our disposal, veneers and Invisalign.

Covering Gaps…

Almost Half of American Adults Have Periodontal Disease

November 21, 2013

Get treatment for mild, moderate, or severe gum disease from your dentist in Eagle Rock CA

thumbnailAccording to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, over 47 percent of Americans age 30 or older have periodontal disease. This figure increases to 64 percent when the subject pool is restricted to individuals 65 or older. No matter what your age, it is vital that you visit your dentist in Eagle Rock CA regularly to help prevent periodontal disease from causing serious damage to your teeth and gums.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Commonly called gum disease, periodontal…

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