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Almost Half of American Adults Have Periodontal Disease

November 21, 2013

Get treatment for mild, moderate, or severe gum disease from your dentist in Eagle Rock CA

thumbnailAccording to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, over 47 percent of Americans age 30 or older have periodontal disease. This figure increases to 64 percent when the subject pool is restricted to individuals 65 or older. No matter what your age, it is vital that you visit your dentist in Eagle Rock CA regularly to help prevent periodontal disease from causing serious damage to your teeth and gums.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Commonly called gum disease, periodontal disease is an inflammatory condition that affects the gums, causing redness, swelling, bleeding, and tenderness. If left untreated, mild periodontal disease (gingivitis) can develop into moderate or severe periodontitis. The connective tissue between teeth and gums will become progressively weaker, resulting in receding gums, deep bacteria-filled gum pockets, loose teeth, and even tooth loss or bone loss.

Treating Periodontal Disease

The good news is that periodontal disease is treatable. The earlier that this disease is detected the better, which is why it is important for patients to visit the dentist in Eagle Rock CA regularly and seek help immediately if they experience persistent symptoms of gum disease. Typically, mild to moderate gum disease can be successfully treated with a thorough professional dental cleaning and improved home care. If the disease has progressed to more advanced stages, scaling and root planing will be in order. Scaling involves removing plaque, tartar, and their toxic byproducts from the surface of teeth both above and below the gum line. Root planing involves smoothing of any rough spots below the gum line that may prone to harboring bacteria. As a last resort, surgery may be recommended to reduce the depth of gum pockets and facilitate healing.

Preventing Periodontal Disease

Of course, it would be best not to develop severe gum disease at all. At California Dental Group, we are firm believers in the importance of preventative dental care. We can provide the biannual dental cleanings recommended by the American Dental Association, as well as instructions for thorough and effective oral care at home. We can also recommend products like medicated mouthwashes and electric toothbrushes that may help improve your ability to keep teeth clean and reduce your risk of becoming one of the nearly half of all Americans suffering from gum disease.

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