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Use Your 2014 Tax Refund at California Dental Group

March 29, 2015

Learn about the benefits of investing in yourself with preventative dental care.

Use Your 2014 Tax Refund at California Dental Group Have you done your 2014 taxes yet? Will you be getting a refund? If so, have you thought about what you might use that refund for? While many people see their refund as “free” money to blow on entertainment or luxuries, in reality that refund represents your own hard-earned money and you should give some careful thought to what you want to do with it.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself every once in a while. However, using your tax refund to invest in yourself and your future should be an equally attractive option. One excellent possibility for investing in yourself is getting preventative dental care. So this tax season, consider using that refund cash to get a professional dental cleaning & exam at California Dental Group and reap the following benefits.

Protection for Overall Health: A growing body of scientific research has established a relationship between poor oral health and a wide variety of overall health issues, such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and dementia. Often, it is the inflammation caused by gum disease that is believed to be to blame for the link between poor oral health and these health problems. By getting a professional dental cleaning at least once every year, you can get the care and advice you need to recognize and control gum inflammation to hopefully reduce your risk of these problems.

More Attractive Smile: Another benefit of a dental cleaning is that it helps your teeth and your smile look nicer. The toothpaste and equipment dental hygienists use is not the same as what you use at home—it can deliver a better clean including small improvement in stains on tooth enamel. A dental cleaning is also the only way to remove plaque that has hardened into ugly tartar, as often happens along the gum line.

Better Breath: According to a CDC report, over 85 percent of cases of bad breath or halitosis are directly linked to poor oral hygiene. During your dental cleaning and exam, you can learn best practices for oral hygiene at home, including proper flossing technique, to help you learn to keep your oral hygiene standards up to a level where bad breath is not a problem.

Reduced Risk of Tooth Loss: Tooth decay and gum disease are the top two causes of tooth loss in American adults. Losing a tooth can have a huge negative impact on your health, your appearance, your social life, your love life, your work life, and more. The good news is tooth decay and gum disease are not only easy to treat, but also easy to prevent with proper oral care. This includes at-home care and professional care at your dentist’s office.

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