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Seven reasons why you should consider a dental crown

September 4, 2019

Seven reasons why you should consider a dental crown

Dental crowns are fabricated to protect and provide structure for a tooth. A dental crown is a uniquely customized tooth-shaped to restore the look, shape, color, and size of a damaged or missing tooth. Here are seven reasons why you should consider crowns for any of your dental restorative procedures.

Reason number 1.

Dental crowns can be fabricated from a variety of material. The materials can be from composite resin, porcelain, or porcelain fused to metal. The type of material used can determine the cost of a crown. This gives patients a choice to choose the best option to fit their budget.

Reason number 2.

Porcelain and composite resin crowns can emulate the look and feel of natural teeth. Patients can restore their smile or missing teeth and have the confidence to smile. People who see your smile cannot tell the difference between your natural and porcelain or composite crowns.

Reason number 3.

Dental crowns can resist stain when they are made from porcelain. This type of property is ideal for a lasting bright smile without concern that stain will diminish your smile.

Reason number 4.

Dental crowns are very durable and should last five to fifteen years when properly cared. By visiting your dentist regularly and not putting excessive wear on your crowns from clenching and chew hard foods, you should expect to have your crowns for a long time.

Reason number 5.

If you do not like the way how dentures feel, because they can slip or cause discomfort, or remembering to wear them, dental crowns are a good option. Unlike dentures, crowns stay in place once cemented over a damaged tooth or implant. Crowns are stable and do not irritate gums.

Reason number 6.

Crowns not only restore your natural smile, but they also restore your ability to eat and speak. Missing teeth can cause the jaw bone to shrink, affecting speech. Restoring missing teeth with crowns can help a patient talk confidently.

Reason number 7.

Crown prevents further decay of the damaged tooth. Hence the name crown because they act as a cap to cup over and encase the damaged tooth. Crowns act as a shield to prevent plaque buildup and decay.

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