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Protect Your Teeth from Over-Whitening

February 3, 2016

Always whiten with an experienced cosmetic dentist for the safest treatment and the best results

Protect Your Teeth from Over-WhiteningThese days, just about everyone wants whiter teeth. There is a multitude of over-the-counter teeth whitening products available to help with this goal. Unfortunately, when teeth whitening products are used too frequently, there is a very real possibility of harmful side effects such as:

Tooth sensitivity: Many commonly used whitening agents can cause teeth to become more sensitive to stimuli. According to the American Dental Association, sensitivity to hot and cold is the most common type of sensitivity experienced after teeth whitening.

Soft tissue damage: Teeth whitening compounds have the potential to be very irritating to your gums. The risk is greatest when using at-home whitening products that do not provide adequate protection to the gums. The more frequently the whitening products are used, the less time the gums will have to heal and the more severe the irritation.

Oxidation risks: Peroxide teeth whitening compounds work by oxidation. While this is safe when done in moderation, some experts fear that excessive use of peroxide products could increase your risk of cancer. Why? Because oxidation releases free radicals, which can cause damage to tissue in your mouth in the same way that oxidation causes rust on metal. Oxidation also lowers the antioxidant levels in your mouth, which is risky because antioxidants are necessary to protect your gums and tongue from free radicals.

Protect Your Teeth & Gums With This One Simple Tip:

Always Whiten at the Dentist’s Office

When you get your teeth whitening from an experienced cosmetic dentist, you do not have to worry about over-whitening causing discomfort or putting your oral health in danger.

The cosmetic dentists at California Dental Group only use safe teeth whitening compounds, and we make sure your gums are fully protected from contact with these compounds. We will not provide teeth whitening more frequently than is considered safe. Typically, this means no more than once every three months.

We can also provide some helpful tips to help you reduce your need for frequent teeth whitening. First of all, we recommend getting a professional dental cleaning before your whitening treatment to make sure you are getting the most dramatic color improvement possible. Then, we will provide you with a list of stain-causing habits to avoid, as well as tips for oral hygiene products you can use to help keep your teeth clean and white. Finally, if you are not seeing the results you want with whitening, we can provide alternatives such as porcelain veneers that will end your tooth discoloration concerns once and for all.

To learn more, please contact us today.

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