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Keep Your Jaw Strong and Prevent Bone Loss with Dental Implants

October 6, 2016

Keep Your Jaw Strong and Prevent Bone Loss with Dental Implants

Many people believe that dental implants are all about changing the way your smile looks. At California Dental Group, we think that’s a good enough reason to invest in them, but the truth is that there are actually several other reasons that you may not be aware of. Consider this: When you lose a tooth, you’re not just losing that tooth, you’re losing part of an intricate system. Your teeth need your jaw for support, but it’s equally true that your jaw needs your teeth to stay strong and healthy.

Dental implants can help prevent bone loss

As with the other bones in your body, your jaw is involved in something called bone resorption. Basically, it means that old tissue is absorbed into your jaw bone. If the jaw bone is healthy, then there’s new tissue created that replaces the old tissue – and this is what ensures your bones stay strong.

Your teeth are the catalyst that tell your jaw that it needs to keep producing new tissue. Every time you bite, every time you chew, your roots press into your jaw bone. The pressure they create triggers your jaw bone to keep making new tissue. Removing just one tooth can result in that portion of your jaw bone no longer making new tissue. It can take less than a year for your jaw to lost as much as 25% of its bone density.

Dental implants can help prevent tooth loss

If you don’t have your tooth replaced, the teeth around it can be affected. Remember that though your teeth are independent, they’re also providing support for one another. It’s likely you’re not aware of all the tiny movements your teeth make every day, partially because they’re generally in the same place and they push into one another.

However, if you take out one tooth, the teeth around it can drift into that now open space. This can lead to those teeth becoming less secure in your gums, which can eventually result in them falling out. This can start a cycle of tooth loss and bone loss that could keep going forever – and it can make your teeth fall out more quickly.

How to stop this process of bone loss and tooth loss

No one wants to lose their teeth or deal with bone loss. The good news is that California Dental Group can help. If a tooth must be removed, then a dental implant is likely your best option. There are other choices though, like using a crown instead of removing the tooth altogether, or having a bridge installed.

To learn more about your options, and to get an assessment about which choices would work best for you, contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161. We are here to help you maintain a smile you can be proud of!

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