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Get the Facts About Different Types of Dental Implants and Decide Which One is Best for You

March 24, 2022

Get the Facts About Different Types of Dental Implants and Decide Which One is Best for You

Dental implants are a fantastic way to restore the natural appearance and function of your teeth if you are missing one or more teeth. You’ll be able to speak, chew, and smile normally, and no one will be able to tell you don’t have your original teeth any longer. You might wish to think about the following distinct types of dental implants, depending on your needs. Keep reading to get the facts and then contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 to get help.

Implants of the past

A titanium peg is surgically placed into the jawbone in traditional dental implants. To replace your missing tooth, this peg is then capped with a dental crown. This form of dental implant is a near-permanent replacement for a lost tooth that can endure for decades or even a lifetime. The reason titanium implants are so strong and long-lasting is that bone can actually bond with titanium in a process called osseointegration, meaning your implant peg continues to stimulate healthy tissue in your jawbone.

Implants that are free of metal

You may wish to explore a ceramic dental implant if you have a metal allergy or simply prefer metal-free dental restorations. Zirconium is the most common substance used in this sort of implant. This form of implant is more sanitary than titanium, according to research, since it retains less plaque. Gum tissue may be healthier as a result of this, and gum disease may be avoided.

Implant-supported dentures vs. single implants

Instead of a single implant covered with a crown, you may need an implant-supported denture or partial denture, depending on how many neighboring teeth you are missing. To replace a whole upper or lower set of teeth, dentists often prescribe 4 to 6 implant pegs. When compared to a standard denture, your denture will snap into the pegs for improved stability and comfort. Furthermore, if you obtain titanium implants, you will benefit from the health benefits of preventing bone loss in the jaw.

Implants that are only a few millimeters long

Mini dental implants were developed to support a temporary prosthesis while patients awaited the placement of their permanent implants. Some dentists, on the other hand, have begun to use micro implants to attach implant-supported dentures. This is a contentious procedure, yet it may be beneficial to some people.

Mini implants are half the size of standard implants, so they can be used even if bone loss has caused the jaw to shrink significantly, eliminating the need for a separate bone grafting procedure. Mini implants do not survive as long as standard implants, but they are far less expensive and easier to insert through a less invasive procedure.

Finally, consulting with an experienced dental implant specialist is the greatest method to understand which sort of dental implants are ideal for your needs. Make an appointment with California Dental Group right now by calling us at (800) 407-0161.

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