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You Are What You Eat Applies to Your Teeth Too: These Foods Can Help Whiten Your Smile

May 16, 2017

You Are What You Eat Applies to Your Teeth Too: These Foods Can Help Whiten Your Smile

Everyone wants a white smile but not everyone knows the best way to get it. At California Dental Group, we recommend that you get regular cleanings and exams. If you still want whiter teeth, then feel free to ask us about our teeth whitening services. You can also read on to learn more about natural foods that could help give you a whiter smile.

An apple a day does more than keep the doctor away

You’ve likely heard the old saying that an apple a day will keep the doctor away. In fact, it might work to prevent stains and cavities in your teeth too! When you chew a crisp apple, you’re strengthening your gums. This helps keep them receding, which is great for the health of your whole mouth.

Apples also have a high water content, which means that they encourage your mouth to produce saliva. Water and saliva, which are brought on by the apples, swish around in your mouth and can help wash away bad bacteria – which in turn prevents them from forming plaque. The best option is to brush after every meal, but if you can’t, then chowing down on an apple may be your second best bet.

Strawberries are friends of your teeth

Strawberries have a higher than average malic acid content, when compared to other fruits. Malic acid acts as a light astringent, and the seeds that cover a strawberry are an extremely gentle abrasive. When you combine those two factors, you can think of chewing through a strawberry as a minor version of brushing your teeth.

Broccoli is a better choice than other options

While fruits and veggies are good for the health of most people, thanks in part to their nutrients they hold and their iron content – some can also stick in your tooth’s enamel and stain it. Beets and cranberries are great examples of this. The good news is that you can get those great vitamins and minerals – like lots of iron – from broccoli. It won’t stain your teeth and if you eat it in a raw form, the abrasive florets will lightly scrub your teeth too.

Choose hard cheese

When you’re picking a cheese, go for a hard one. They are built with tons of calcium, which is important to the strength of your teeth, and they can help to make your gums stronger too. They’re typically virtually colorless, which means you won’t end up with stains, and both the protein and phosphorous found in cheese and milk can work as a buffer against acids that are hard on your teeth.

While the foods may help keep your teeth clean and white, remember that they’re not a replacement for good home care. If you need to learn more about all your options to whiten your teeth, or you need a good cleaning and oral exam, we encourage you to contact California Dental Group right away.

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