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Don’t Have Insurance? Explore Dental Care Options for Uninsured Patients

October 25, 2023

It’s a scene we’re all too familiar with at California Dental Group: individuals avoiding dental visits until they’re faced with an urgent dental issue, primarily due to the absence of insurance coverage. However, many mistakenly believe that dental insurance is the sole financial solution for dental procedures.

The good news? There’s a range of dental financing options we provide. Delve deeper to understand these alternatives and reach out to (800) 407-0161 for detailed insights.

Dental Well-being: Our Foremost Priority

Ensuring every patient’s dental health stands paramount to us. Our aspiration is for everyone to sport a radiant smile, reflecting robust dental health. Recognizing the diverse financial backgrounds of our patients – some without insurance, some needing aid for co-payments, uncovered treatments, or deductibles – we’ve curated an array of financing alternatives to cater to all.

The Versatility of Care Credit

A popular choice among our clientele is Care Credit. It’s not just a credit card but a versatile line of credit catering to myriad medical expenses, encompassing dental care. Some attributes of Care Credit include:

  • Accessibility even for those with sub-optimal credit histories.
  • The borrowing threshold starts at approximately $200, allowing for substantial loan amounts.
  • Flexible monthly repayment schemes.
  • Promotional rates that might enable interest-free financing for up to 18 months. For a comprehensive understanding of Care Credit’s benefits in dental financing, a consultation with our care coordinator at California Dental Group is highly recommended.

Traditional Lending: A Potential Avenue

Based on your creditworthiness and the sum required, conventional lenders can be an apt choice. A noteworthy recommendation is American Healthcare Lending. Their loan offerings range from $4,000 to a substantial $35,000, making them ideal for pricier procedures such as dental implants. Moreover, we have our proprietary in-house financing system. Both avenues allow you to systematically clear your dues, complemented by competitive interest rates.

Prosper Healthcare Lending: A Tried-and-Tested Option

Another notable mention is Prosper Healthcare Lending. With their vast experience in the healthcare finance realm, they’ve facilitated loans exceeding three billion dollars for over 250,000 individuals. Opting for Prosper Healthcare Lending presents multiple advantages:

  • Swift decision-making without affecting your credit rating.
  • Potential access to extended loan tenures, ensuring manageable monthly installments.
  • Collateral-free loan approvals.
  • No prepayment penalty charges.
  • An expedited, secure, and confidential application process.

For those pondering over financing possibilities or seeking counsel on billing, don’t hesitate to connect with California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161. We’re committed to collaborating with you, ensuring a frictionless experience.

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