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Do You Snore? Learn Three Reasons that an Oral Appliance May Be the Best Treatment for You

June 17, 2020

Do You Snore? Learn Three Reasons that an Oral Appliance May Be the Best Treatment for You

Snoring is not just an annoying behavior – it can cause serious health issues. At California Dental Group, we offer sleep apnea treatment that could change the way you sleep. Keep reading to learn three reasons that an oral appliance might be the right choice for your needs. Then contact us at (800) 407-0161 if you would like to make an appointment with a local dentist.

  1. Snoring Can Be a Sign of a Much Larger Problem
  2. One of the main reasons that we recommend taking steps to stop snoring is that it can actually be a sign that you have a more serious issue happening. Though you think of it is as something that aggravates those who sleep with you, it can also be a warning sign of a number of things. It may be as simple as congestion, or it could be caused by sleep apnea. In fact, 80% of people who have sleep apnea do not even know they have it.

  3. Oral Appliances Work
  4. While oral appliances may be most associated with sleep apnea, they will stop anyone from snoring, whether they have sleep apnea or not. There are two main types of oral appliance therapy. The first is Mandibular Repositioning. The second is a Tongue Retaining Device. They work slightly differently, but both work by adjusting how much space is inside your mouth to open your airway. This lets you breathe more easily when you sleep.

  5. Your Dentist Can Create it for You Easily
  6. Many people do not take any steps to cure their snoring because they erroneously assume that it is too difficult to do so. They assume that it will be expensive, take many appointments with their dentist, and may even require them to visit a specialist. This is not the case if you work with California Dental Group.

We can have an oral appliance made and fitted just for you. It will be molded to perfectly fit your teeth and jaw. If it needs an adjustment, we can help with that too. You do not have to deal with snoring or accept it as an inevitability – let your dentist help you.

There Are Other Treatment Options for Snoring

If you do not like the idea of an oral appliance, or you believe it would not work for you for some reason, there is good news: There are other options. The best way to find out what snoring solution is best for you is to contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 to make an appointment with a dental professional.

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