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Are Same-Day Crowns Worth It?

September 24, 2014

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Same-Day CrownsIn addition to the pain of a damaged tooth, waiting up to three weeks to get a crown and suffering through two dental visits seems to add to the pain exponentially. Recently, however, new digital technology allows dental professionals to make a crown in-house with the much shorter time frame of an hour or two.

What is the Difference Between Traditional Crowns and Same-Day Crowns?

A dental crown at its most basic is a cap that is made to cover and protect a damaged tooth. This damage can be the result of decay or physical injury to a tooth, like cracks. When preparing a tooth for a crown, the dentist has to first remove the decayed portion and then shape the tooth via filing for the crown. This type of traditional crown can cost patients anywhere from $700-$2,000 or more and typically takes two visits and a lengthy waiting period in between. Same-day ceramic crowns are created right in the dentist’s office in the matter of hours and are as durable as traditional crowns. The only downside seems to be the same-day crown’s aesthetic properties. Natural teeth aren’t simply a single color, they are typically a shade of yellow at the gum line and then gradually change color until they are nearly translucent at the top. With traditional crowns, a lab technician layers different shades of porcelain to create a crown that is a seamless match to a patient’s surrounding teeth. With same-day crowns, the match isn’t as seamless. Dentists mostly fix this problem, though, by painting directly on the tooth it’s not perfect, but its close enough. If the cosmetic appearance of a patient’s teeth is very important, it is suggested that traditional crowns be used for the front half of the mouth.

What is the Same-Day Crown Process?

The same-day crown process begins with a three-dimensional picture of the damaged tooth and surrounding teeth created by a special wand camera that utilizes reflected light. Specialized software then designs the appropriate crown for the damaged tooth. One simple mouse click sends the design to a milling machine which then sculpts the crown from a small ceramic block. There have been several studies that have examined the effectiveness of the software created designs, most concluding that the fit and durability is up to par with laboratory created crowns.

What is the Typical Cost Associated with Same-Day Crowns?

Generally, dentists do not charge more for a same-day crown than for a traditional crown because being able to make the crowns in-house saves money on lab costs. Most dental insurances cover both the traditional and same-day crown options. Whether you are considering the new same-day method for dental crowns or the longer traditional method, don’t wait to contact the dental professionals at the California Dental Group.

Restrictions Apply. You must be seen by one of our Dentists for eligibility.

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