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Are You Considering Working with a New Dentist? Ask Them These 3 Questions First

February 27, 2018

Are You Considering Working with a New Dentist? Ask Them These 3 Questions First

When you find the perfect dentist, you can work with them until you move or they retire. But until you’ve found that perfect dentist, it’s important to know what to look for. You know how to choose a dentist that’s in a convenient location and that has convenient hours for you but do you know what questions to ask to ensure he’s got the professionalism you need? You can find reviews on various websites but do you know what a dentist’s colleagues say about them?

Before you choose your next dentist, we encourage you to carefully consider your options. Read on to learn the three questions to ask before you choose a new dentist. Then contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 for the dental help you need. With numerous offices throughout California, we can accommodate just about anyone’s needs.

  1. Is the dentist experienced with children?
  2. There are pediatric dentists out there but why take your kid to a different dentist when you can all visit the same one? Obviously, if you have kids you can ignore this part but if you do, think long and hard before you choose a dentist that only works with children. Not only will you be seeing a different dentist, which makes appointments a logistical issue, but eventually you’ll be searching for a new dentist when your children grow. Instead, choose a family dentist that can work with kids, adults, and seniors.

  3. Does the dentist take part in continuing education?
  4. The answer to this question will be yes but there’s more to it than that. The reality is that it’s required for dentists to take part in continuing education courses. This allows them to ensure they’re up to date on the latest procedures, innovations, and medical discoveries. When it comes time for a dentist to renew their license, they must have completed 50 hours of continuing education.

    If you find a dentist who takes part in more continuing education than that, then you’re looking at a good dentist. You’re looking at a dentist that’s not content with things being “fine” but wants to work to improve their practice and their work. When you work with California Dental Group, you’ll be working with a dentist who takes patient care seriously.

  5. What are the options for dental emergencies?
  6. This is something that most people never prepare for. In fact, many people think it’s something they can’t prepare for but the truth is that you need to know if your dentist can make an emergency appointment for you as needed. With numerous offices and a serious commitment to our patients, you can count on California Dental Group being able to prioritize your needs if you’re having a dental emergency.

These are just three of the things to look for when choosing a dentist. Of course you want someone you feel comfortable with, someone you trust, and someone who takes your insurance. To get started with an experienced dentist, contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 right away.

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