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Report Examines Motivations for Cosmetic Dental Treatments

January 23, 2014

Based on survey results, researchers concluded improving self-esteem is a key motivation for cosmetic dental treatments.

Teeth whiteningA survey created by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) to measure the size and impact of the cosmetic dental industry has also revealed some interesting insights into the motivations behind patients’ decisions to undergo cosmetic dental procedures.

Study Methodology

The data used to create the AACD’s “Cosmetic Dentistry: State of the Industry” report was gathered in a cooperative effort between over 500 US cosmetic or general dentists and their patients. The dentists completed the AACD survey online, providing information about the cost, type, and number of cosmetic treatments provided at their offices in October and November 2013, as well as patient responses to questions about motivation. Most of the dentists that participated in the survey performed about 25 cosmetic procedures in 2013, though about 6 percent of the group performed over 1,000. Patients participating in the study received crowns, bonding, veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants, and bridgework among other cosmetic dental treatments.

Who Gets Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

According to survey data, women are more likely than mean to opt for cosmetic dental treatment, with dentists reporting a 60-40 split between women and men in their patients. Additionally, 31 to 60 seems to be the key age group for having a cosmetic treatment, with over 55 percent of patients falling into this range.

Why Do People Get Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

The results of the survey placed improvement of self-esteem and/or attractiveness as the number one reason people said influenced their decision to seek cosmetic dental treatment. About 89 percent of patients cited this reason. When asked about the specific reason they wanted to improve self-esteem by improving their smile, about 50 percent said they wanted to look or feel younger, 23 percent said they wanted to improve their career opportunities, and 16 percent said they wanted to improve a romantic relationship.

How Much Do Patients Spend on Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

About 40 percent of patients spent somewhere between $2,500 and $10,000 on their dental work, making this range the most common price point for cosmetic dental work done by the surveyed dentists. About 5 percent of the dentists said their patients spent $20,000 or more. This probably represented patients who received extensive and invasive procedures such as dental implants.

Want to Learn More About Cosmetic Dental Treatments?

If you are interested in learning more about how improve the appearance of your smile through cosmetic dental treatment could also help improve your experience in your professional and social life, please contact one of California Dental Group’s 7 clinics for a consultation with an expert cosmetic dentist.

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