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We Have the Technology to Create Same-Day Crowns for Our Patients

September 20, 2021

We Have the Technology to Create Same-Day Crowns for Our Patients

Over the last 25 years, same-day crown procedures have evolved to the point that teeth that seem completely natural may now be created and constructed in only hours. Two pieces of cutting-edge technology are responsible for this service’s remarkable speed.

The first is a high-resolution 3-D image scanner that eliminates the need for traditional molding, and the second is a professional milling machine that can turn a piece of porcelain into a dental crown instantly. You can contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 if you would like to learn more about same-day dental crowns.

A quick overview of the process and its advantages

The dental assistant will first sweep the imaging scanner within the patient’s mouth, making sure that every aspect is caught on the adjacent computer display. The computer will generate a full tooth in the with a 3-D depiction of the mouth or damaged area. Next is the milling procedure. The mill utilizes a piece of porcelain that has been hand-selected to match the color of the patient’s original enamel.

In many cases, this matching hue allows for seamless repairs or caps, and the great durability of same-day crowns means that the crown will last for years before it needs to be replaced by a dental expert. The look of repaired teeth is only matched by their comfort, giving many patients a sense of self-confidence.

Getting rid of the pain and danger of temporary crowns

The elimination of the need for interim crowns is perhaps the most significant advantage of same-day crown treatment. These crowns were originally constructed of acrylic or an acrylic-ceramic blend and placed to protect the teeth receiving permanent crowns from further damage or wear while they were being produced in the dental laboratory.

Temporary crowns are not only less realistic than permanent crowns in appearance, but they are also more prone to fracture, which can result in tooth pain and even pose a choking danger. Same-day crowns combine the ease of temporary crowns with the durability and comfort of permanent crowns.

Are you a good candidate for same-day crowns?

Because there is only so much that can be done in one visit to the dentist, each patient’s eligibility for same-day crowns is carefully evaluated on a case-by-case basis. A complete dental implant, for example, may appear more natural than a crown on one half of a big front tooth. This is why consulting with the greatest dental specialists is so important for getting the best treatment and crown possible.

How to find California’s same-day crown experts

Many great dental clinics provide same-day crowns, but if you want convenience, you should go to the finest in the industry, lest you end up needing to seek further services elsewhere. If you’d like to find out if your dental issue is suitable for same-day crown service, call the California Dental Group to schedule an appointment or learn more about same-day crown services.

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