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Top Options for Seniors Who Are Missing Teeth

July 16, 2016

Top Options for Seniors Who Are Missing Teeth Just like children have dental care needs that are unique from the needs of their parents, senior citizens have unique dental care needs that are different from the needs they had when they were younger. California Dental Group is here to help improve and restore dental health for everyone from the youngest patients to those with many decades under their belts.

If you’ve lost your teeth as you’ve aged then you should know you’re not alone

The reality is that many people lose their teeth as they get older. If this has happened to you, we welcome you to contact us at California Dental Group. We can help you find the best tooth replacement strategy for your individual needs. There are numerous options but there is no one-size-fits all choice. That’s why we take the time to assess you, learn your goals, and work with you to find the best choice for you.

Bridges may be the best solution for seniors who’ve lost teeth

A dental bridge is an appliance that replaces missing teeth. It is fixed – which means it can’t be removed – and there are numerous types of bridges. You and your dentist will look at all the options and decide on the best one for your needs. The most popular option is porcelain fixed bridges, which are generally chosen because they look the most like natural teeth. For this option, two crowns will go over anchoring teeth and will then be attached to the artificial teeth that fill the gap where your teeth are missing.

Dental implants are another option for missing teeth

Dental implants are another option and are often chosen when there’s a need to replace both the body and the root of a tooth or teeth. There are two parts to a dental implant: a peg that’s surgically implanted in the jaw and a crown that attaches to the peg and replaces the tooth. For seniors who are missing several teeth, you may be able to replace numerous teeth with just a few pegs by combining dental treatments.

For some seniors, full or partial dentures are the best choice

Dentures are removable dental appliances that replace both teeth that are missing and their surrounding tissue. They’re made to look like real teeth and in some cases even enhance the smile. There are two main types of dentures:

  • Complete dentures. This is the option generally chosen when a person has lost all of their teeth.
  • Partial dentures. This is used to replace just some teeth. It can help to fill spaces left by missing teeth, to prevent healthy teeth from shifting, and can offer a new chewing surface.

Are you ready for your dental consultation?

Are you a senior who need quality dental care? Then it’s time for you to contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161. We are compassionate, professional, and dedicated to provide optimal service for every client. Feel free to call us to set up an appointment, to learn more about your options, or to get more information on our policies and procedures.

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