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Three of the Potential Dental Issues That Flossing Can Help You Avoid

August 6, 2021

Three of the Potential Dental Issues That Flossing Can Help You Avoid

Although many individuals now recognize that flossing is just as necessary as brushing, this does not mean that everyone has begun flossing. We at California Dental Group believe that once our patients realize what’s at risk and how much flossing may help, they’ll start flossing every day. It doesn’t take long – for most individuals, less than two minutes – yet it may make a big impact in your dental health.

Continue reading to see why flossing is so important and what it can do. If you have dental issues or it has been more than six months since your last cleaning and exam, please call California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 to schedule an appointment.

Skipping Flossing Increases Your Chance of Developing Gum Disease

Gum disease is divided into two types: gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is the more frequent and less dangerous kind, but periodontal disease is far more problematic. You are allowing bacteria to live between your teeth and under your gums if you do not floss.

Plaque is caused by these bacterium, which can eventually develop into tartar. Tartar is a hard material that can build up on your teeth and cause irritation to your gums. It has the potential to weaken the teeth in the long run. It’s important to remember that the sooner we detect gum disease, the easier it is to treat.

Skipping Flossing Increases Your Chance of Developing Bad Breath

Bad breath, often known as halitosis, affects everyone at some point in their lives. You could have had a dinner with a lot of garlic or onions, for example. However, some people have terrible breath all of the time, and it doesn’t go away even if they quit consuming the foods that cause foul breath.

Halitosis is the medical term for this disease. Though it can be caused by underlying problems in rare cases, it is usually typically caused by poor oral care, such as not flossing. When you floss, you are scraping bacteria out of the small spaces between your teeth. Your breath will be fresher the more bacteria you eliminate.

Several Overall Health Issues Are More Likely to Develop in People Who Do Not Floss

If you think flossing is simply good for your teeth, think again. It can help you stay healthy in other ways as well. If you don’t floss, you’re letting a lot of bacteria to build up in your mouth. You inhale every time you take a breath. This means the bacterium enters your lungs, where it can cause significant medical problems, according to studies.

According to a new study, those with gum disease are three times more likely to acquire pneumonia. Gum illness is connected to diabetes since it feeds the facts that create diabetes, and diabetes causes inflammation, which causes gum disease. It’s a full-circle issue that may be addressed in a variety of ways, including beginning to floss.

If you believe you are in need of a dental exam and cleaning, contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 as soon as possible.

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