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The Truth About a Missing Tooth: Learn Why It Shouldn’t Be Ignored

August 20, 2018

The Truth About a Missing Tooth: Learn Why It Shouldn’t Be Ignored

If a person loses their front tooth, they are likely to have it replaced with a dental implant, bridge, or other type of cosmetic dentistry. However, when they lose a tooth in an area that is not very noticeable, they often think that they can just leave it as is. After all, if no one can see the gap, what is the problem?

The truth is that it can cause some serious problems. It is also true that having it replaced is not as hard or as costly as you likely think. Read on to find out about some of the hidden problems a missing tooth can cause and then reach out to California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 if you want to make a dental appointment.

You could end up with a changing bite

When you lose a tooth, your other teeth will move. This can result in overbites or crossbites, either of which will put unnecessary strain on your jaw. You will have a hard time chewing and you could be boosting your chances of cavities. If you end up with a changed bite, then your solutions are likely to include braces or, in extreme cases, surgery. This is much more expensive than having the tooth replaced as soon as you lose it.

You could end up with digestive problems

When you do not have all your teeth, you will find it harder to chew – even if you don’t feel like it is any harder to chew. You may not notice it, but if you are not chewing your food well then you could end up experiencing potentially serious digestive problems like malnutrition and acid reflux. Why? Because chewing allows nutrients to be more easily absorbed. That tooth you think doesn’t make a difference actually makes a big difference in chewing and eating.

You could end up losing bone

If the bone tissue in your jaw is not getting the support necessary from your tooth, then it will weaken and sag over time. This can lead to bone loss and it will change the entire appearance of your mouth. Once again, having your tooth replaced is much easier and more affordable than dealing with bone loss.

You could end up with psychological symptoms

Not all of the issues with having a lost tooth are physical – some are psychological. A person with a full mouth of healthy teeth is simply more like to be confident. Increased confidence leads to better job performance and many other benefits.

If you have lost a tooth then we want you to know that there are many options to solve the issue. Whether you believe it is a big deal or not, we encourage you to contact a California dentist to have your gums looked at. Reach out to us at (800) 407-0161 and let’s get started.

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