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Metal-Free Restorations in Eagle Rock CA

Metal-free restorations in Eagle Rock CA promote oral and overall health.

Isn’t the beauty of your smile important to you? Then why would you consider a glaringly obvious metal restoration for cavities or missing teeth? Metal-free restorations in Eagle Rock CA from California Dental Group can not only restore the functionality of your teeth, but also provide a natural look that will restore the beauty of your smile.

What’s Wrong with Metal Restorations?

Metal restorations can cause a variety of problems ranging from allergic reactions to potentially serious health problems. The worst metal for any patient to have in their mouth is mercury. Amalgam fillings containing mercury are always emitting some amount of mercury vapor, and when these fillings are drilled out and replaced they may emit much more. When individuals accumulate high amounts of mercury in the blood, they can develop brain and kidney troubles. To remove all risk of problems associated with dental alloys, it is best to simply opt for metal-free restorations in Eagle Rock CA.

Options for Metal-Free Restorations in Eagle Rock CA

At California Dental Group, we can help you get the quality metal-free restorations in Eagle Rock CA you need to preserve the beauty and functionality of your teeth with no risk of adverse side effects associated with heavy metals. Options include:

  • White Composite Fillings: Metal fillings can ruin the look of your smile as well as expose you to mercury vapor. White composite fillings, on the other hand, are totally metal-free restorations in Eagle Rock CA that will be virtually invisible in your smile.
  • Porcelain Crowns: Gold crowns are not pure gold, but are alloys containing various other metals that may cause allergic reactions. At California Dental Group, we offer porcelain crowns for a safer and more natural solution to severely decayed teeth. We work with an excellent crown provider to produce crowns that fit comfortably and match your natural teeth perfectly.
  • Metal-Free Bridges: At California Dental Group, we offer fixed bridges to replace missing teeth. These fixed bridges are secured with porcelain crowns rather than metal wires to avoid any exposure to harmful or irritating metals.

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Whether one of your crowns or fillings has failed or you suspect you might have a new cavity, California Dental Group can help solve the problem with safe and attractive restorations. Call now and we will make every effort to book you in for an appointment ASAP.

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