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Are You Ready to Visit the Dentist? Come Prepared with Answers to These Three Questions

July 17, 2017

Are You Ready to Visit the Dentist? Come Prepared with Answers to These Three Questions At California Dental Group, we know that many people are nervous about visiting the dentist, especially when they haven’t visited the dentist in a number of years. The good news is that by making an appointment to see a California dentist, you’re taking the first step toward improving your oral health. If you want to feel more prepared for your visit, consider these three questions to have answers for.

  1. What is your hygiene routine?
  2. A lot of people believe that their home care routine isn’t good enough. This may be because they don’t feel that they brush or floss correctly, or that they don’t do it enough. When a person feels that they’re not doing it correctly, they may be tempted to fib about their routine. They may say that they brush or floss more than they actually do.

    We hope that you won’t do this. We are not here to judge anyone’s oral health routine – we’re here to help! We can take a look at your habits as they are today and look for ways to help you improve them. Once you discover what’s really holding you back from doing as well as you’d like to be doing, we may be able to identify some tips that will help you do better.

  3. Are you having any pain or problems?
  4. If you’re in intense pain the day you visit us, then it’s likely you’ll remember to tell us about it. However, some pain comes and goes. Just because an issue seems to have subsided doesn’t meant that you shouldn’t mention it. We can consider the symptoms, when it happened, when it went away, and find out if it’s the key to diagnosing an easily treatable issue.

    We also want to know about any dental problems, even if they’re minor. Have you noticed that your teeth hurt when they touch hot or cold foods or beverages? Do you get a slight ache when you eat something sweet? These are all treatable things but we need to know what’s really going on to effectively treat you.

  5. What are your smile goals?
  6. Picture what your smile would look like in a perfect world and then tell us about it. Do you want whiter teeth? Do you wish your teeth were straight? From significant cosmetic dentistry to simple in-office teeth whitening, we can help. We can use Invisalign braces to carefully – and invisibly – straighten your smile, we can fill in gaps with dental implants. In short, there are many ways we can improve your smile but first we must know what you’d like to see when you look in the mirror.

Making an appointment is the best thing you can do for your smile

No matter how long it’s been since you’ve been to see a dentist – just a few months or many decades – we are here to help you realize your perfect smile. Reach out to California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 to make your appointment.

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