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Perks for California Dental Group Patients

December 12, 2014

In addition to providing superior care, California Dental Group offers many perks for our patients.

Perks for California Dental Group PatientsWhen choosing your dentist, naturally you want to pick a consummate professional that is able to provide superior dental care in a hygienic and comfortable environment. But beyond the skill of your dentist and the quality of their staff, what else do you look for? At California Dental Group, we offer our patients numerous special perks in addition to superior care:

7 Convenient Locations

California Dental Group is actually a network of 7 dental clinics, each of which is staffed by experienced dental professionals. Having so many locations enables us to provide better service to our patients, who can get the care they need close to their home, work, or school. Plus, patients can access dental specialists like orthodontists, endodontists (root canal specialists), and dental implant surgeons without leaving the California Dental Group family.

Evening & Weekend Hours

Another perk of choosing California Dental Group as your dentist is that many of our clinics have extended hours to make it easier for you to fit vital dental care into your busy schedule. For example, our Glendale clinic is open 7 days a week, and our Upland clinic is open until 7pm on Wednesdays.

The Latest Technology

While old technology may still get the job done, the latest technology typically provides a better experience for the patient. At California Dental Group, we have invested in state of the art tools like the iTero digital scanner to help us provide even better care. The iTero scanner replaces messy, uncomfortable dental molding compounds when taking measurements for crowns and other restorations.

Financing Options

Another benefit of partnering with California Dental Group for your oral health needs is that we make every effort to ensure your care is affordable. We start out with fair and competitive prices, and if you still need help financing your care our office staff will help you explore all your different financing options, including special health care credit cards and health care lending. We can even help you plan out how you will use benefits like health savings accounts or dental insurance to make sure you can get the care you need.

Holistic Dentistry

One final perk we offer our patients is our understanding of holistic dentistry. This basically means that we never treat oral health issues in a vacuum, but instead carefully consider the impact a treatment may have on other systems in the body. So we don’t just keep your teeth healthy—we help keep your whole body healthy.