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Get Discounted Dental Care Close to Home

July 15, 2015

Why risk traveling abroad for discounted dental care when you can get affordable care at California Dental Group?

Get Discounted Dental Care Close to HomeTraveling abroad for medical care, a phenomenon known as “medical tourism,” has become increasingly popular in recent years. Turns out, “dental tourism” is also a growing trend.

According to one Mexican dentist with a practice in Los Algodones, just a block from the US border, 90 percent of his patients are Americans who need extensive dental work and want top-quality care, but can’t afford to visit a dentist in their home town.

Is Dental Tourism a Good Idea?

Like overseas medical care, dental care in a foreign country may be inexpensive but it can also present some serious risks and complications. Before you head across the border to get your dental work done in Mexico, consider the following issues that you might experience:

  • Unqualified Doctor: While foreign countries have their own standards for licensing medical professionals and dental professionals, these standards are not necessarily as high as in the US. If you are not careful you may end up in the hands of an unqualified dentist or surgeon who may make errors in your care.
  • Unapproved Medications: Dental professionals in other countries may use materials or medications that are not considered safe for use in the US.
  • Difficult Follow-up Care: If you have complications with your treatment, do you really want to have to travel across the border for help? It would be much easier to get any follow up care you need closer to home, especially in the event of a dental emergency where you may be in a lot of pain.
  • Travel Expenses: While traveling to Mexico from southern California is not expensive, if you have to make multiple trips the costs can start to add up. Don’t forget to consider your travel expenses when comparing the cost of dental care at home and abroad.

You Can Get Affordable Dental Care in Los Angeles

The fact of the matter is, you don’t have to travel outside of the LA area to get affordable dental care. At California Dental Group, we never want to see cost stand between a patient and necessary dental care, so we offer many ways to make care affordable and accessible to all. For example:

  • We accept a variety of insurance plans
  • We offer excellent specials on cosmetic and restorative treatments
  • We help patients apply for CareCredit
  • We offer financing
  • We hold a free dental clinic day every year

With 7 locations to serve you, we make getting affordable dental care in Los Angeles easy, even when you have an urgent need for care. To make your appointment, please contact us today.

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