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Do You Have a Throbbing Toothache? Learn Potential Reasons for the Pain

December 22, 2020

Do You Have a Throbbing Toothache? Learn Potential Reasons for the Pain

There might be nothing more painful than a painful tooth. In some cases, the cause is obvious. It might be due to a trauma, such as being hit, or it could be caused by a cavity you can see. However, more often it is not clear what the issue is. While we strongly recommend that you stop reading now and call California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 if you are dealing with a throbbing toothache, you can also keep reading to learn some of the potential reasons you might be living with this pain.

You Could Have an Impacted Tooth

If you have not yet had your wisdom teeth removed, and you have a throbbing toothache in the back of your mouth, this could be caused by an impacted tooth. It could also be that you have a tooth that has grown in at an angle or otherwise improperly, and as you age it begins to throb. These are issues that must be treated sooner rather than later as they will only get more painful the longer they are left to fester.

A Cavity Could Be to Blame

When a person suffers from a toothache, cavities are generally the first issues that come to mind. Note that while cavities do often hurt, they do not always hurt. Even if there is pain, it is rarely the only symptom. Other common symptoms of cavities include chronic unexplainable bad breath and feeling sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods. If you have these symptoms, then your dentist will likely need to discuss tooth filling options.

Your Gums Might Be Infected

What does a toothache have to do with your gums, you might wonder. Remember that all the tissue in your mouth is connected. If you have infected or damaged gums, they can cause pain in your teeth because they are all connected. Gum infections, also known as gum disease, affect around half of the adult population of the United States.

It Might Not Be Related to Your Teeth at All

What is most surprising to many people is the idea that their toothache might not have anything to do with their teeth at all – it could be a sinus infection. If you have a sinus infection, the pain can spread to tissues all around your face. This is not something you can diagnose yourself and should talk to your dentist about.

If you are dealing with a throbbing toothache, we hope you will call California Dental Group right away. We want to help you live pain-free – and we are ready to help! Call us at (800) 407-0161 right away.

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