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Dental Phobia May Be Common but There Are Ways to Address It

December 26, 2016

Dental Phobia May Be Common but There Are Ways to Address It

There are a number of reasons that some people avoid going to the dentist. Some people don’t like the sound of drills, others don’t like the smell that disinfectant leaves. The truth is that though a person may feel apprehensive about going to the dentist, avoiding getting a cleaning and exam can lead to significant oral health problems. That’s why you need to work with a dentist like California Dental Group that will take steps to make you feel comfortable.

Why are people afraid of visiting the dentist?

The truth is that there isn’t a single reason that people are wary of going to the dentist. In many cases, it’s the fear of pain. This often exists because a person had a bad experience with a dental exam or procedure, or they’ve heard stories from family or friends.

Other people are afraid of needles and that fear makes them hesitant to go to the dentist. Some people do become afraid when they see a syringe because they’re scared that the injection they get won’t work, or the anesthesia won’t take hold, and they’ll feel everything that happens during their dental procedure.

At California Dental Group we can put your mind at ease: We make sure that our patients are plenty numb before we get started. We know that these fears can often come from feeling helpless and out of control, which is why we’ll also be happy to explain the procedure to you from start to finish.

There are many steps we can take to make you feel comfortable

When you work with California Dental Group, you’re working with a dental group that understands that some patients are afraid of the dentist and we will take every reasonable step we can to assure your comfort. We suggest that if you don’t feel comfortable, you should let us know right away so we can take steps to put your mind at ease.

Our only goal is the oral health of every client. As a result, we will be as accommodating as possible. When you see our offices you’ll see that the comfortable, at-home feeling will begin as soon as you walk through the doors. Every dentist and staff member you work with will be friendly, professional, and happy to help put your mind at ease.

We also take care to be up to date on the latest in dental technology. One of the reasons that some people are afraid of dental procedures is because they had an experience twenty years ago when there weren’t nearly as many options. Today we can find relatively pain-free ways of treating oral health issues.

If you’ve interested in learning more about dental care, your financing options, and how California Dental Group wants to be a part of your dental solution, then we welcome you to call us at (800) 407-0161.

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