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California Dental Group offering free dental services, emergency care

September 25, 2013

SOUTH WHITTIER >> Dentist Dr. Kamran Sahabi offers a litany of reasons he provides free dental care to people.

His father back in Iran told him to make sure he helps the needy, a lot of people need dental care and can’t afford it, to give back to the community.

He pauses, sitting at his desk at the Whittier site of California Dental Group, and pulls a before-and-after picture from a book case of a girl he treated.

“This was a young girl I helped,” he says showing the picture.

In one photo, her teeth are grotesque and ugly. In the after photo, the transformation is like day and night, a perfect set of teeth, in line, clean and white.

“As soon as she saw her teeth, she started crying,” said Sahabi. “I’m sure that changed her life.”

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