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A Quick Guide to Handling a Dental Emergency as Best You Can

February 15, 2021

A Quick Guide to Handling a Dental Emergency as Best You Can

Is there anything worse than a dental emergency? Yes – having a dental emergency when you have no idea how to handle it. At California Dental Group, we recommend you add our phone number (800) 407-0161 to your contacts so that you can quickly call us in the event of a dental emergency. In the meantime, these are the steps you should follow if you or a loved one suffers a dental emergency.

Stay Calm and Stop the Bleeding

First and foremost, take a deep breath. Remember that these emergencies happen every day, and though they might seem very serious at the time, they rarely are. In most cases, your dentist can fix whatever the issue is. Your first goal is to determine if your gums are bleeding and, if they are, to find a way to stop the bleeding. Ideally, use cotton balls or gauze and apply pressure. If they are not handy, then use a t-shirt.

Do a Quick Evaluation of the Area

A dental injury can often feel much worse than it actually is. For this reason, take a moment to really look at the tooth and see what the issue is. Evaluate the wound and determine what the issue is. Have you cracked a tooth? Has a tooth broken off? When you call your local dentist for emergency dental assistance, the more you can tell us about the injury, the better.

Carefully Store Any Teeth that Have Been Knocked Out

If your dental emergency includes a lost tooth, and you have the tooth in your possession, then you should bring it to your dentist. We can reinsert it in many situations. Just make sure that you store it somewhere moist. Ideally, put it inside your cheek. If that is not something you can do, then put it in a container of milk. However, you should never touch the inside or root of your tooth.

Determine if You Need Emergency Care

There are some situations that will not necessarily require immediate emergency dental care. For example, if you have chipped a tooth and are not experiencing pain, then you do not necessarily need to go to the dentist immediately. On the other hand, a lost tooth or anything that causes extreme pain should prompt you to get help right away.

What to Do if You Decide Not to Get Emergency Help

If you decide to schedule your appointment with a dentist in the future, then you can take a painkiller such as Ibuprofen. You should also avoid eating or drinking on the side of your mouth that has been injured. Even if it is not immediately painful, chewing or drinking near the injury could make it worse.

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