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Teeth Whitening is Just the Beginning of Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options

October 19, 2018

Teeth Whitening is Just the Beginning of Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Only a person who has experienced embarrassment about their smile can understand just how upsetting it can be. Some people feel so uncomfortable about the way their teeth look that they avoid smiling or laughing altogether. Some people may cover their mouths when they laugh or smile. While most people know that teeth whitening can be a good solution to some cosmetic issues, they often don’t know that there are other solutions out there as well.

Veneers can completely change the way your teeth look

Veneers are often made from porcelain, though they can be made from other materials. They are customized to fit exactly to your teeth and are bonded only to the front of the teeth. However, they cover the entirety of the teeth that show when you smile and can have a huge impact on what your smile looks like.

There are many reasons people choose veneers. They can be a great way to permanently fix discolored teeth. They can also fix other issues, such as cracks or small chips. Some people get veneers to cover up larger issues, such as inconsistent spacing. Veneers can’t fix all cosmetic issues but they can help quite a few of them.

Crowns can help build stability

In some ways, crowns are similar to veneers. For example, they are very often made of porcelain and they can be used to cover up discolored or otherwise damaged teeth. However, they cover the vast majority of the tooth. In order for a crown to be built, the natural tooth is shaved down to make space to install the crown. Crowns do improve the smile but they are also a good choice if you need to improve the strength of the teeth as well.

Dental implants offer structure and stability

Dental implants are nothing new but as they newer innovations make them more affordable and easier to install, they are becoming more popular. Essentially, they artificial teeth that are implanted directly into the jawbone. Part of the implant is screwed right into the jaw bone. This creates structure and stability for the top of the tooth, which is attached to said screw. A person with dental implants can use their teeth just as they would any natural tooth. Unlike dentures or similar options, there are no restrictions.

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