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Porcelain Veneers: What Are They and Are You a Good Candidate

May 13, 2017

Porcelain Veneers: What Are They and Are You a Good Candidate

If you’re unhappy with the look of your teeth then dental veneers may be a good choice. However, they’re not the solution to all dental issues. Read on to learn more about them, and who can most benefit from them, and then contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 for more information.

Let’s start with the basics: What are dental veneers?

In short, a dental veneer is a sort of shell that covers your tooth. They can be made to look essentially however you want so you can have the smile you’ve always dreamed of. People compare veneers to a number of things, like siding on a house or acrylic fingernails, but the best comparison is really wood veneers.

Wood veneer is a thin strip of wood that bonds to the exterior of a piece of furniture. Though the furniture is made from something else, it’s given the appearance of wood. That is similar to the way our dental veneers work. We create them uniquely for you so that you can fix slight imperfections in your smile or give you an entirely new smile – it’s all up to you.

Good candidates for porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are incredibly flexible, which means they’re a great choice for a wide range of needs. They can take the place of teeth whitening to make your teeth look lighter. The teeth whitening services we offer are great for taking off surface stains, but veneers are the best choice for other discolorations. For example, if your teeth have been affected by a prescription medication, or if your enamel has worn off and given you a layer of dentin that’s more visible. Smokers with a yellow tint can also benefit from veneers.

Changing the color if your smile isn’t the only thing veneers are good for. they can also make your teeth look straight and spaced evenly. If your teeth are crooked, if there are gaps between them that you don’t like, or if your teeth are crowded, then orthodontics can be used to actually move your teeth but dental veneers essentially hide your teeth behind a façade.

When you have veneers, the only thing people will see will be the smile you want for them to see. You can restore teeth that have been worn down, teeth that have chipped, or any number of other issues. In some cases, you may use dental bonding for the same purposes, but dental bonding is really just a good option if you want to restore a single tooth. If you want to restore more than a few teeth then veneers

Get advice on your best dental restoration options

The best option for you won’t necessarily be the same best option for someone else. As a result, we recommend that you call California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 to make an appointment to come see us. We can take a look at your teeth, learn about your goals, and advise you on all your options.

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