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How to Reduce your Risk for Tooth Decay

March 16, 2015

Learn about the key activities for reducing your risk of tooth decay and maintaining healthy teeth.

How to Reduce your Risk for Tooth DecayTooth decay, aka dental caries, is one of the most common diseases on the planet, second only to the common cold. Allowing tooth decay to take root in your mouth can have serious consequences for your overall health, especially if it leads to gum disease and tooth loss. Fortunately, by using the following 3 strategies to tackle the main risk factors for tooth decay, you can greatly improve your chances of maintaining healthy teeth your whole life long.

Strengthen Teeth

Weak teeth is a definite risk factor for tooth decay, because…

5 Ways to Prevent Root Canal Failure

March 13, 2015

Learn about the 5 most important details that must be attended to during a root canal.

5 Ways to Prevent Root Canal FailureRoot canal therapy has an undeserved reputation for being a frightening and painful procedure. Some people may even tell you that since they have had a root canal that failed you shouldn’t even bother to try this treatment. In reality, root canal therapy does not cause pain—it cures it. When performed by an experienced dentist, root canal therapy has a very high rate of success in relieving severe toothache pain and saving damaged teeth from extraction.

The key to a good experience with your root canal therapy is to find…

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