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Americans Spend More on Hair Care than Dental Care

March 24, 2015

Where does dental care fall on your list of spending priorities?

Americans Spend More on Hair Care than Dental CareConsidering how important oral health is for overall health, not to mention the growing interest in the impact of beautiful teeth on a person’s overall appearance, it seems surprising that Americans spend more on hair care than on dental care.

According to the Richmond Institute for Continuing Dental Education, Americans spend:

  • $50 billion on dental care
  • $50 billion on pet care
  • $60 billion on organic food
  • $71 billion on shoes
  • $100 billion on hair care
  • $121 billion on weight loss
  • $153 billion on alcohol

With over 318 million people living in the US, this translates to $157 of dental care (including professional dental care and dental products) per person. Even with offers like California Dental Group’s $29 dental cleaning for new patients, this figure is pretty low.

Is Low Dental Care Spending Always Bad?

Of course, high spending is not really the best indicator of oral health. After all, individuals who are maintaining excellent preventative dental care should not have high dental expenses at all. For example, they might just need two professional dental cleanings & exams per year, plus a steady supply of toothpaste, toothbrushes, and dental floss, to keep their teeth healthy, clean, and beautiful.

On the other hand, an individual who has not kept up with their oral hygiene at home is likely to have much higher dental costs. They might need to spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars on fillings to a few thousand dollars on dental implants if they take such bad care of their teeth that tooth decay and gum disease cause tooth loss.

Spend Less on Dental Care More Often

When it comes to dental care, the ideal scenario is to spend less money, but spend more often. This means keeping your medicine cabinet stocked with supplies, actually using those supplies, and getting your preventative care at the dentist’s office to help reduce the risk of needing extensive and expensive restorative care.

If you do have dental pain, get it addressed promptly. This will not only provide fast relief from the pain, but also help limit the damage to your teeth and the cost of treatment. In other words, it never pays to delay when it comes to necessary dental care.

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