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When is the Last Time Your Senior Citizen Friends and Relatives Visited the Dentist?

September 17, 2021

When is the Last Time Your Senior Citizen Friends and Relatives Visited the Dentist?

It’s no secret that regular dental care is necessary for individuals of all ages to maintain their teeth and gums strong, healthy, and pain-free. While progress has been made in making dental care available to children and adults who purchase insurance via Covered California, older folks who rely on Medicare and Medicaid continue to be underserved. According to the American Dental Association, 20% of seniors aged 75 and above had not visited a dentist in the previous five years.

Seniors who reside in nursing homes confront extra obstacles in receiving dental care—not only do they suffer financial issues, but they may also lack mobility or have physical or mental disabilities. According to early findings from the California non-profit The Center for Oral Health, almost half of California nursing home patients with their natural teeth have untreated dental decay. One in every seven of these elders required immediate dental attention.

Why is senior dental care important?

Brushing and flossing, in most cases, are the first line of defense against dental decay and gum disease, avoiding tooth loss. However, we all need a little additional support from time to time with this endeavor. This is especially true for seniors who, owing to arthritis, stroke, or other health concerns, may find it difficult to be as attentive with their home maintenance as they once were.

They may be more susceptible to dental decay and gum disease, necessitating frequent fillings and deep cleanings to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Because tooth loss may have a detrimental impact on nutrition and sociability, it’s crucial to do everything we can to assist seniors maintain their natural teeth for as long as possible.

The significance of dental care extends far beyond oral health. Oral health can have an impact on overall health. Oral infections, for example, have been related to a higher risk of heart disease, aneurysms, and Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, the inflammation caused by an oral infection is harmful since it might impair the immune system.

Ensure that your loved ones receive dental care

You may wish to check on the dental health of a loved one who is in a care facility, living with you, or still living on their own. Find out when they last went to the dentist and see if you can assist them with the funds, transportation, or encouragement they may require.

If you or they need to schedule an appointment in Southern California, contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161. We have numerous offices and can provide comprehensive care for the entire family.

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