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What’s the Difference Between Mercury Free and Mercury Safe Dentistry?

January 7, 2016

Learn why you want a mercury safe dentist for complete protection against the health risks of mercury

What’s the Difference Between Mercury Free and Mercury Safe Dentistry?By now, most people are aware of the potential health risks associated with mercury fillings, and are interested in finding a dentist who does not use mercury. However, what many people do not realize is that finding a mercury fee dentist may not be enough to completely protect their health. For the best protection, a mercury safe dentist in Glendale CA like California Dental Group is needed.

What is a Mercury Free Dentist?

A mercury free dentist is a professional who has committed to treating their patients’ cavities using white composite fillings instead of outdated mercury fillings. The white composite material provides several important benefits over mercury fillings, aka silver amalgam fillings:

  • No mercury: Silver amalgam fillings are composed of about 50 percent elemental mercury. Over time, the filling will release small amounts of mercury vapor. Though the FDA has ruled that the amount of mercury vapor from a filling is safe, the fact remains that mercury has been associated with serious brain and kidney damage. Why risk having any mercury at all in your system when a mercury-free alternative is easily available in the form of white composite fillings?
  • No metal at all: White composite fillings are actually totally metal free. This can be an important benefit for those who suffer from metal allergies or sensitivities.
  • Natural look: One final benefit of white composite fillings is that they can be shaded to match the color of your natural tooth so that they do not detract from the beauty of your smile.

What is a Mercury Safe Dentist?

Like a mercury free dentist, mercury safe dentist in Glendale CA also uses white composite fillings. However, they provide an important additional service that you may not find at a mercury free dentist: safe removal of old mercury fillings.

During removal, mercury fillings are actually at their most dangerous. The filling will need to be cut and/or ground off the tooth, which will cause more mercury vapor to be released as well as create grit containing the hazardous metal. Without a mercury safe dentist on the job, the patient could easily swallow this grit or be exposed to excessive mercury vapor. The environment could also be contaminated by improper disposal of the old filling.

However, mercury safe dentists understand the risks of removing silver amalgam fillings. They take all available safety precautions to minimize the amount of vapor and grit that is created and prevent the patient from inhaling or ingesting the material. Mercury safe dentists also practice safe cleanup and disposal to prevent their clinic or the larger environment from mercury contamination.

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