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Do You Use Mouthwash? 3 Reasons You May Want to Start

February 19, 2018

Do You Use Mouthwash? 3 Reasons You May Want to Start

While most people brush their teeth, not everyone uses mouthwash. Some people assume that it’s not that effective or that it’s only good to freshen breath. The truth is that it may be a great option for you. In fact, there are more benefits than most people realize.

We do of course want to encourage our patients to use mouthwash in addition to brushing and flossing – not instead of. Just make sure you’re buying one a brand that’s been approved by the American Dental Association. You’ll know it qualifies because it will have the ADA seal on it. Most of the well-known brands out there are ADA approved but it’s always worth it to check. If you need help choosing the best option, or if you simply want to make an appointment for a cleaning and check-up, contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161.

  1. Mouthwash helps freshen your breath
  2. This is the one thing most people know about mouthwash: It will freshen your breath. We’ll go over the specifics of how this works in the next reason to use mouthwash, but this list wouldn’t be complete without offering the obvious suggestion that if you want to both prevent bad breath and take care of it when it does pop up, then mouthwash may be your new best friend.

  3. Mouthwash helps clean out bacteria
  4. Most oral health issues have their root in bacteria – including bad breath. When you don’t follow a regular oral health home routine, you’re allowing bacteria to fester in your mouth. The result is often gum disease, cavities, bad breath, or even losing teeth. If you already have a good habit of brushing and flossing daily, then you may want to add mouthwash to help clear out bacteria in hard-to-reach places. You can also choose a mouthwash with anti-bacterial properties to get rid of even more bacteria.

  5. Most mouthwash adds fluoride
  6. You should definitely make sure that your mouthwash – and your toothpaste for that matter – has fluoride. There are a few exceptions, such as people who are allergic to fluoride, but for most people it’s excellent for the health of their teeth and the strength of their enamel. Note that your enamel is that outer layer of tooth that helps keep your tender insides from being exposed to bacteria.

In order to get the most out of the fluoride in your mouthwash, consider your timing. After you’ve brushed and flossed, wait about half an hour to use your mouthwash. This ensures that you’re not rinsing away the fluoride you applied when you were brushing your teeth. Then use your mouthwash and wait another half an hour before you drink anything. This will help the fluoride become even more effective.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to use mouthwash. At California Dental Group, we recommend using it as part of your regular brushing and flossing routine. If you have questions, reach out to us at (800) 407-0161 and we’d be happy to give you personalized advice.

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