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We Treat the Top 7 Dental Symptoms

February 21, 2014

California Dental Group offers fast, effective, and affordable treatment for nearly every dental issue

We Treat the Top 7 Dental SymptomsWhen you have trouble with your teeth, you need a reliable dentist you can count on to address your symptoms in a cost-effective and professional manner. At California Dental Group, we have 7 convenient locations to serve you. Visit any of our clinics for gentle & effective dental cleanings plus help with any of the following top 7 dental symptoms, as identified by the American Dental Association.

1. Toothache. Pain in your mouth or jaw, as well as pain in individual teeth, is a cause for concern and should be investigated by a qualified dentist right away. In most cases, the pain is caused by a cavity. However, sometimes a toothache can be a sign of a severely decayed or infected tooth that may require an emergency root canal or extraction.

2. Sensitivity. Sensitive teeth are a common complaint among patients of all ages. Your teeth may be sensitive to hot or cold beverages as well as to touch. Possible causes include tooth decay, gum disease, or receding gums.

3. Sore Gums. If your gums feel sore, look red and swollen, or bleed when you brush or floss, you have gingivitis. This is a very common type of gum disease, and with early intervention from your dentist and improved oral care at home you can reverse the condition to prevent tooth loss.

4. Mouth Sores. If you have a sore inside your mouth that lasts a week or longer, you should definitely consult your dentist. Your dentist will be able to give you an idea of the cause behind your sore, which may be an infection, virus, or fungus, or an irritation from a broken tooth or filling.

5. Bad Breath. Many dental patients complain of bad breath. In most cases, bad breath can be improved simply by improving your oral hygiene. Your dentist can show you proper brushing and flossing technique and help you select quality oral care products.

6. Cracked or Broken Teeth. Teeth may become broken or cracked in an accident or due to severe tooth decay. Either way, you will probably experience significant pain and want a fast and effective treatment. At California Dental Group, we offer a variety of solutions, from repairing chipped teeth with composite materials, crowns, or veneers, to extracting broken teeth and replacing them with bridges or dental implants.

7. Stained or Discolored Teeth. Many patients complain of stained or discolored teeth. Discoloration can happen naturally as they age or due to overindulgence in coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, or other staining agents. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening treatments can dramatically and safely improve the color of your teeth.

If you are in need of any of the above services, or just want to learn more about what California Dental Group has to offer, please contact us today.

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