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Taking Care of Your Dentures Is Crucial for Good Dental Hygiene

June 11, 2014

Good Dental HygieneDental hygiene is an important aspect of healthcare all throughout one’s life. This is especially true in later years, when many people are fitted with dentures due to tooth loss or decay.

The following tips can help keep your dentures in great shape for years to come. While repairs and replacements are not uncommon, taking proper care of your dentures is vital to ensuring your smile stays bright and healthy for the duration.

Daily Cleaning Is Mandatory

Regular cleaning of one’s dentures is essential for maintaining a happy and healthy smile. While daily brushing is important, dentures require an extra bit of care to ensure that the delicate construction remains intact during the cleaning process.

Dentists recommend that a specially-designed brush is used when cleaning dentures. These brushes often have softer bristles, which is important for keeping dentures in top working order. Brushes with harder bristles can wear down dentures prematurely, which can result in many costly repairs.

It’s also recommended that certain cleaning agents are avoided when undergoing your daily maintenance routine. This includes many popular brands of toothpastes, which may prove too abrasive for dentures.  Fortunately, there are many great cleansers available that are designed specifically for the cleaning and care of dentures.

Proper Storage Is Important When Not Wearing Dentures

Where you keep your dentures when they’re not being worn is another important aspect of overall care. Dentures must be kept in liquid to ensure they retain their original shape. Many people opt for either water or cleansing solutions specifically designed with dentures in mind. This will keep dentures from degrading due to increased dryness.

Temperature can also play role in denture storage. Using hot water can be detrimental because it can cause dentures to lose their original shape. Because dentures are created using the exact dimensions of one’s mouth, any change in the shape can result in an uncomfortable fit. Proper handling of your dentures is also important to maintain overall integrity. Be sure to use a delicate touch when handling dentures to avoid breakage, especially when removing them for the night.

Visit Your Dentist for Any Maintenance or Repairs

At some point during their lifespan, dentures may need repaired. In this event, it’s important to visit an experienced dentist in order to receive the best possible care. Some patients erroneously believe they are capable of repairing dentures on their own, with often disastrous results. Even the slightest adjustment can affect overall comfort, which is why all repairs must be left to the professionals.

A Great Smile At Any Age

Top-notch dental care is crucial for maintaining a confident and healthy smile, no matter your age. If you are in need of either complete or partial dentures, California Dental Group has the experience necessary to afford you with a perfect fit.


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