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Steer Clear of These 5 Dental Implant Pitfalls with a Seasoned Dentist

June 14, 2023

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Dental implants stand as a superior solution for those missing one or more teeth, as they replace the whole structure of your tooth, both above and beneath the gum line. This is crucial as without a substitute for the lost tooth root, you may experience jaw bone loss, leading to various complications over time. Dental implants foster a bond with your jaw bone, stimulating it to prevent bone loss and related issues.

That being said, dental implant treatment is a lengthy and costly surgical process. It’s absolutely not a procedure you want to embark on with an inexperienced dentist. Here are 5 frequent dental implant errors that can be avoided by opting for a seasoned dental implant professional like California Dental Group.

Proposing Implants to Every Patient

A novice dentist might erroneously advocate dental implants for all patients. Regrettably, not everyone is an ideal candidate for dental implants. For instance, smokers and people with specific medical conditions might not be suitable. Dentists must meticulously evaluate a patient’s dental and medical history before performing the procedure.

Utilizing Inferior Quality Implants

Another pitfall is the use of subpar implants. These might be less expensive, but they may lead to complications and could look unappealing if the metal implant peg is visible through the crown. To ensure the best fit, durability, and biocompatibility, dental implants must meet stringent standards.

Incorrect Implant Placement

Proper positioning of dental implants is essential for them to heal correctly and withstand biting and chewing stress. Common errors include implant placement in areas lacking sufficient bone density or in locations that infringe on the nerve in the lower jaw or the sinus cavity in the upper jaw. These mistakes can be circumvented with a skilled dentist and oral surgeon using 3D CT scans for treatment planning.

Inadequate Healing Time

Dental implants form a robust bond with your jawbone, but they require sufficient time to heal. Early placement of permanent implant crowns on the implant pegs can hinder healing and potentially increase the risk of implant failure.

Neglecting to Maximize Insurance Coverage

Lastly, a less experienced dentist may fail to optimize your insurance coverage. As dental implants typically aren’t covered by dental insurance, securing benefits requires special handling. One approach involves seeking an “alternative benefit”, which allows coverage that would have been applicable for a different treatment (like a bridge or dentures) to be applied to your dental implant procedure. Billing extractions or crowns separately could also aid in maximizing your insurance coverage.

Why Choose Us?

At California Dental Group, we boast skilled implant dentists who can prevent errors in your care and minimize any procedural risks. We collaborate only with top-tier oral surgeons and dental labs, and our informed office staff can assist with your billing inquiries. For more information about getting dental implants at California Dental Group, please contact us today.

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