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South Whittier Dental Clinic Gives Free Care for a Day

September 30, 2013

SOUTH WHITTIER >> Tall and strong looking in a red UNLV basketball jersey, Jerry Daniel stood near the front of a long line of people waiting early Wednesday morning outside California Dental, all hoping to get help for pain.

Daniel said he’s in near constant pain.

The 29-year-old Los Angeles man suffers from three tooth or gum infections, one the result of a root canal and was never completed years ago when he had dental insurance.“If I’m eating, I can’t tolerate cake or ice cream,” said Daniel, a field supervisor for Securitas. “I have to chew very quickly or swallow whole.

Water is the only drink that doesn’t hurt, he said.

Daniel was one of about 100 people waiting to get free dental treatments at California Dental’s clinic at 14322 Telegraph Road in South Whittier.

The dentists — Dr. Kamran Sahabi, president of California Dental, and his partner, Dr. Michael Tafti — conduct free dental clinics about twice a year at each of their seven clinics in Southern California.

The free service includes fillings, emergency root canals, extractions and gum cleanings. The free clinics were offered Wednesday in Whittier, North Hollywood, and Oxnard.

They will be offered Sunday at California Dental’s offices in Los Angeles, Upland, Glendale and Tustin.

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