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Simple Tips That Can Help Your Children Develop Good Life-Long Oral Health Habits

March 11, 2020

Simple Tips That Can Help Your Children Develop Good Life-Long Oral Health Habits

As a parent you want the very best for your children. One important aspect of that is to ensure their maximum health. Remember too that oral health is an essential part of overall health. At California Dental Group we want to help you find the best way to get your children developing excellent at-home oral health care from the beginning.

Build Positive Experience as Early as Possible

One of the main reasons that adults avoid the dentist is because they have fear of doing so. The best way to prevent this from happening is to build positive experiences as early as possible. Your child should start visiting the dentist as soon as they have their first tooth. Then make sure they go at least twice per year (or as the dentist recommends). Do something special after their appointment so they associate the dentist with positive experiences.

Help Your Children Understand that Good Oral Hygiene and Oral Health are Related

As you work with your child to ensure they brush their teeth and learn to floss, make sure you work to help them build the connection between those actions and good oral health. It is not enough to simply tell them to floss and brush daily – you should be sure to tell them why. Teach them about cavities, gum disease, and other issues that can occur if they do not properly care for their teeth.

Lead by Example

It is important to tell your children how to care for their teeth but they will also learn by the example you provide for them. Make sure you are brushing and flossing. Go to the dentist every six months for your dental cleaning and exam. Brush your teeth together at night as a family. If you have had negative consequences from not caring for your teeth in the past, open up and share that with your child. Tell them what it was like and what they can do to prevent being in the same situation.

Visit Your Dentist Often

The more often you visit your dentist, the more “normal” it will be and the more used to it your child will be. If you visit as often as requested (usually every six months) then you will also be significantly reducing the chance that there will be painful issues that could otherwise make your child worry about visiting the dentist.

Work with a Family Dentist

You do not want to take your child to a dentist who only sees a few child patients. At California Dental Group we are proud to serve patients of all ages. We have always been a family dental practice and we will continue to find innovative ways to make all of our patients comfortable. Call us now at (800) 407-0161 to make an appointment.

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