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Preventing Gum Disease Starts at Home: Learn How to Protect Your Gums

November 14, 2018

Preventing Gum Disease Starts at Home: Learn How to Protect Your Gums

If you had to guess who many people within the United States have gum disease, what would you guess? At California Dental Group, many people are surprised to learn that studies show that about 47% have some form of periodontitis, whether it is mild, moderate, or severe. That comes out to nearly 65 million Americans. Even though it is very common, that does not mean that it inevitable and cannot be prevented.

There are two main things that can significantly reduce your chances of getting gum disease: Taking care of your teeth at home and visiting your dentist twice a year. If your dentist gives you special care instructions, such as recommending a prescription mouthwash, follow those instructions. Read on to learn more of the specifics of taking care of your gums and then reach out to California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 to set up an appointment.

Are you brushing and flossing correctly?

If you are serious about reducing your chances of getting gum disease, then you should brush and floss daily – and you should do it correctly. As for brushing, you should brush twice a day for at least two minutes. Brush in a circular motion and take special care not to brush too hard. If you have gum disease already, then brushing regularly can cause a little bleeding. As you continue to follow home care instructions, the bleeding will reduce or stop entirely.

You should be flossing once a day. Just as is true of your brushing, work to be gentle when flossing. You do not want to force the floss into your gums. While once a day is the minimum, you can also bring flossers with you and floss quickly after each meal. The less amount of food you leave in your mouth, the less amount of bacteria will be formed – and the lower your chances will be of developing gum disease.

Know what foods can affect you and avoid them

Since the main way to reduce your chances of gum disease is to reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth, it stands to reason that what you eat can have an impact. Certain types of food are known to feed bacteria. These include anything with sugars or starches. While they are not terrible in moderation, you should brush your teeth shortly after eating them. Note that you should not brush them immediately after brushing but should instead wait 30 minutes. Why? Because it will prevent you from removing essential acids from your teeth.

These are a few tips that can help you lower your chance of gum disease. If you do have gum disease, then it must be treated professionally. Simply beginning a regime of good at-home care can only do so much and though it has a chance of being successful on early stages, it cannot cure late-stage gum disease. To make an appointment with a dentist who can help, contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161.

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