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How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Dental Appointment

October 11, 2016

How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Dental Appointment

Every child goes through a long list of firsts: Their first step, their first tooth, their first birthday, their first haircut – and on and on! It’s important as parents to prepare your child as much as you can for these new experiences in life – including visits to the dentist. At California Dental Group, we want your child’s first visit to us to be as simple as possible. Here are some ways you can prepare your kid for a visit to us!

Be prepared to model a positive attitude about the dentist

If you’re going to come along for your child’s dental cleaning, then it’s important you are able to keep a positive attitude. If you’re afraid of the dentist then you could easily transfer these negative emotions to your child not just during the appointment but before it and after it. If you’re fearful, then you could instill that fear in your child.

Be honest with yourself about your feelings

The reality is that, in our experience, most kids are comfortable during their first appointment. In fact, they’re pretty curious about the experience! What can be an issue is when parents inadvertently mix up their soothing messages with hints of anxiety and / or fear. This can create the wrong feelings for kids about the procedures.

Remember that your feelings can be very different from the feelings of your child. It’s important to really be honest with yourself about how you feel about visiting the dentist. If you have unfounded dental anxieties, you must be very careful not to pass those fears down to your child.

Tips for the dentist’s office

If you are planning to come along to our family dentistry offices with your child, and you do have reservations, then remember one thing: Your goal is to provide moral support. At California Dental Group, we are very experienced working with children. Use a low, calm voice and try not to simply repeat what we ask of your child. Instead, support us as the authority figure while we’re working with your child. If your child requires additional visits shortly after their initial exam, it’s a good idea for the same parent to come with them.

A positive experience today can lead to lifelong dental health

A person isn’t born with a fear of the dentist. Today’s dental procedures are virtually painless. Our field has made such advances that there’s no longer a thing in the world to fear about us. Don’t pass your own feelings on to your child. Let California Dental Group provide the friendly, comprehensive, and experienced care your child needs.

When they start out with a positive experience at the dentist, this can lead to a lifetime to not putting off their visit to the dentist. It can result in healthier teeth, a happier smile, and better overall health. Call us today at (800) 407-0161 to set up your first appointment.

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