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Look Younger with a Smile Makeover

February 5, 2016

Our experienced cosmetic dentists can correct many common signs of an aging smile

Look Younger with a Smile MakeoverAre you satisfied with your smile? Or have some signs of aging started to creep in and make you feel that you look older than your years? A smile makeover from one of our skilled cosmetic dentists can correct many signs of an aging smile such as:

Discoloration: Nothing makes a smile look old faster than a bunch of yellowed, discolored teeth. Some degree of yellowing will happen with age, but your tooth color will be worse if you have also made a habit of smoking and drinking coffee, tea, or red wine without cleaning your teeth properly afterwards. Fortunately, poor color is one of the easiest signs of aging teeth to address. All it takes is a simple professional teeth whitening session, which typically takes less than an hour. If your teeth have severe staining or discoloration caused by damage to the tooth structure, whitening may not help enough to give you that younger smile you want. In this case you can use porcelain veneers to get a whiter but still natural-looking smile.

Sunken Cheeks: Unfortunately, many people end up losing their teeth as they age, primarily due to poor oral hygiene and inadequate dental care. If you are missing any teeth—especially in the back of your mouth—this can accentuate the sort of sagging, sunken, or shrunken look associated with extreme age and make you look much older than you really are. To restore volume to your face, as well as to enhance your oral health, you should consider getting dental implants.

Worn Teeth: Even if you’ve taken good care of your teeth throughout your life, you may notice some wear occurring on the edges of your teeth. This type of wear will be more noticeable if you have had any bad habits like biting your nails or chewing ice. To avoid having this worn look add years to your appearance, you can cover up your worn teeth with veneers. The veneers will not only look nice and white, but also give your teeth a new, more youthful profile. If your worn teeth are weak or damaged, you can cover them with crowns instead. Correcting worn upper teeth can also help allow you to show more of your teeth when you smile, which is associated with younger people.

Receding Gums: Ever heard the phrase “long in the tooth” to describe getting older? This phrase comes from the days when traders would look at a horse’s teeth to check its age and health. The older the horse, the more of the tooth would be showing due to receding gums. This applies to people too! Fortunately, we do have options for correcting receding gums. The simplest cosmetic dental treatment would be to place veneers over the teeth. This would help hide the line on the tooth that shows where the gums used to rest, plus the veneers would hide any other imperfections like stains and chips.

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