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Learn What Symptoms Could Indicate That You Have a Cavity

December 24, 2020

Learn What Symptoms Could Indicate That You Have a Cavity

Many people assume that there is no way to tell if they have a cavity until they visit their dentist. While we do recommend visiting your dentist every six months and visiting them if you have tooth pain or other issues, it is also true that there are signs of cavities that you might be missing. Keep reading to see if you have any of them. If you do, contact California Dental Group now at (800) 407-0161 to schedule a dental cleaning and exam.

Food Gets Stuck in Areas it Didn’t Use to Get Stuck In

If you find that there is a part of your smile that is now constantly getting food stuck in it when it did not previously, this could be caused by a cavity. Not only is it possible to develop a cavity between two teeth, but it is also fairly common. The best way to prevent a cavity in this area is to make sure you are flossing well every day to remove bacteria that would otherwise live between your teeth.

You Have Bad Breath for No Reason

Everyone has bad breath once in a while, whether it is from something they ate or skipping their morning or evening oral care routine. Some people have had bad breath their entire lives. However, if you have only started noticing that you have bad breath not just after eating onions and garlic, but all the time, then you might have a cavity. If you do, and food gets stuck in it, it will start to decay and smell bad. There is no question that rotting food can smell very bad.

A Filling is Loose or Missing

Many people assume that if they have had a cavity filled before, then they cannot get a cavity in the same place. This is not true. If you have symptoms on a tooth that was filled in the past, and the filling seems loose, then you might have a cavity underneath. If the filling is missing altogether, then you should absolutely call your local dentist sooner rather than later.

Hot or Cold Food Hurt Your Tooth

If you find that when you drink something that is very hot or very cold, your tooth starts to throb, then it is very likely that you have a cavity. If it feels sensitive or tender when you eat something hot or cold, that is an issue too. You might also notice pain when you eat something that is very sweet or if you eat something right after brushing.

If you have these or other signs of a cavity, you should contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 as soon as possible. When left untreated, cavities only get worse – never better.

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