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Learn About Some of the Most Common Tools You Can Expect to See in a Dentist’s Office

August 25, 2021

Learn About Some of the Most Common Tools You Can Expect to See in a Dentist’s Office

Naturally, the dentists’ skill and philosophy of care are key factors to consider while selecting a dental clinic. You should, however, ensure that the clinic has the necessary equipment to give the finest possible care. This covers both tried-and-true low-tech standbys and the most cutting-edge innovations. Here’s a quick rundown of the six most critical dental instruments you’ll encounter at California Dental Group.

The Mirror

The dental mirror is an excellent example of a low-tech, yet necessary, piece of equipment for effective tooth hygiene. The mirror allows the dentist or hygienist to examine both sides of each tooth to ensure that it is clean and healthy. It also slightly amplifies teeth, allowing the dentist to conduct a more comprehensive inspection.

The Dental Explorer

This small metal hook, also known as a pick or a probe, is used by the dentist or dental hygienist to assess the level of plaque and tartar accumulation on your teeth as well as look for cavities. A blunted, straight version of this instrument is used to check for a healthy depth in gum pockets and to ensure that gums are not infected.

The Drill

You will encounter the drill if you have a cavity. Cavities may now be drilled swiftly and practically painlessly with the assistance of high-tech diamond burrs and targeted analgesics like Novocain, which were formerly the most dreaded instrument in a dentist’s armory. Other treatments like as smoothing out composite fillings, repairing small chips, and eliminating tartar can be provided by using different burrs or tips on the drill.

The Sucker

While the dentist or hygienist worker, this little tube is used to eliminate saliva and keep the mouth dry. This not only makes you feel more at ease, but it also protects you from swallowing toothpaste during a cleaning or fragments of tooth or debris during a dental treatment using the drill.

The X-Ray machine

For every dentist, X-rays are a critical diagnostic tool. X-rays are usually necessary every 3 to 5 years, unless you have a problem that necessitates a fresh set of x-rays sooner. X-rays can be used to detect a variety of issues, including:

  • Cysts or abscesses
  • Bone deterioration
  • Tumors, both malignant and non-cancerous
  • Between-the-teeth decay
  • Anomalies in development
  • Tooth and root placements that are not optimal
  • Issues with a tooth’s pulp or below the gum line

Using the Scanner

A digital scanner is a last instrument that can only be found in dental clinics that stay up with the newest technology. The iTero scanner, which we utilize at California Dental Group, allows us to produce very exact 3D models of your teeth for ordering crowns or bridges.

The scanner eliminates the inconvenient and inaccurate process of taking dental impressions in the patient’s mouth using unpleasant trays and foul-tasting chemicals. Instead, we just run the iTero wand over the teeth’s surfaces, which takes only a few seconds.

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