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Did You Know That These Foods Secretly Cause Cavities?

December 8, 2016

Did You Know That These Foods Secretly Cause Cavities?

Everyone wants to have healthy, beautiful teeth. Many people know they should brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. But did you know that there are some foods that can actually cause cavities? While we don’t think you need to avoid these foods at all costs, we do recommend that our clients are aware of what they can do and that they’re enjoyed in moderation.

Pizza, pasta, and burgers

Pasta and pizza are two of the most beloved foods in American, yet they can actually damage your teeth. Hamburger buns, pasta, and pizza dough are all made with flour. Not only is plain white flour low in fiber and virtually void of nutrition, it also has simple carbs that are turned into sugar. That sugar then turns to sugar acid, and it can then erode the enamel on your teeth. Many people believe that if they add lots of veggies to their burgers, pizza, or pasta, that they’re boosting the nutritional value. This is true but it still can’t compare to what the starch is doing.


Wait, fruit juice is supposed to be great for kids, right? Once again, it’s all about moderation here. Fruits do have important nutrients but they can also cause plaque to build up, erode enamel, and actually promote tooth decay. Fruit juices, especially those with citrus like lemon, also have high sugar contents when you compare them to just eating a piece of fruit or even a fruit snack. Dried fruits like raisins often stick to the teeth, which can make them a target for bacteria.

White bread

If you really want to be healthy, you’d be wise to switch from white bread to whole grain wheat bread. White bread, which includes not just bread but rolls and buns, have the same simple carbs discussed above in pizza dough and pasta. However, bread in particular can stick to the teeth, which is a terrible thing if you want to avoid bacteria in your mouth. If you then add jelly or jam to the bread, it can be even worse, thanks to the sugar content in jam and jellies.

A few other notes

Chewing on ice can also damage your teeth. Candies and chocolates are well known as culprits that lead to cavities, but sports drinks and soda pops are just as guilty. Of course, at California Dental Group we are not saying that no one can ever eat these foods. Once again, we’re simply recommend moderation and that you take special care to brush and floss after eating these foods. And of course, it’s important to get regular exams from your California dentist.

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