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Four Advantages of Same-Day Dental Crowns

September 8, 2014

Same-Day Dental CrownsDental crowns are a highly popular solution for people with cosmetic or functional tooth issues. Crowns improve the appearance of teeth even as they shield the teeth from damage. Same-Day porcelain crowns, which can be created and placed during a single session, extend the benefits of traditional crowns even further. Although many people initially think traditional crowns are adequate, Same-Day crowns offer many benefits that make them worth considering.

1. Immediate Pain Relief and Protection

Same-Day crowns provide an immediate solution when teeth are damaged or when an existing restoration, such as a filling or another crown, is lost. The exposure of teeth that are broken, worn, or decaying can be painful these teeth are often highly sensitive to pressure and temperature. Worse still, an exposed tooth may be susceptible to infection, decay, or further damage. If the tooth is small or misshapen, it and neighboring teeth may even start shifting out of position. With Same-Day crowns, all of these risks are minimized.

2. Elimination of Temporary Crown Issues

Arguably, a temporary crown can effectively protect teeth while the permanent crown is being produced. However, temporary crowns are simply not as reliable as permanent crowns. Foods that are especially doughy or chewy may pull a temporary crown off. It is also possible to knock a temporary crown out of place while flossing. If a temporary crown becomes dislodged, it will have to be re-cemented into place. This means the patient will have visited the dentist on at least occasions by the time the permanent crown is placed.

3. One Convenient Procedure

There are a few reasons patients benefit from condensing the crown measurement and placement procedure into a single appointment. Many people find it difficult to fit multiple dental appointments into their schedules, which can lead to delays in necessary treatment. Delayed treatment can increase the risk of serious and costly health complications. Additionally, the crown preparation and placement procedures both require anesthesia. Patients who opt for one procedure will experience fewer injections and less time with adverse side effects. People who find dental visits stressful may especially benefit from scheduling just one appointment.

4. Reasonable Pricing

Many patients believe that the cost of Same-Day crowns will be prohibitively expensive next to the cost of traditional crowns. However, by producing the crowns with equipment already located on-site, a dental office can eliminate lab fees and other costs associated with outsourcing crown production. Same-Day crowns are more affordable than many people would expect, especially considering all of the advantages that they offer.

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Whether you are interested in dental crowns for functional or cosmetic reasons, a Same-Day crown is a convenient and healthy option. If you are interested in learning more about this exciting alternative to the conventional crown procedure, please contact California Dental Group today to set up a consultation.

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