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Fluoride Varnish Recommended For Children

June 18, 2019
Fluoride Varnish Recommended For Children

A child’s smile starts with healthy teeth. Good oral health in children is essential for development, eating a healthy meal, and self-esteem. Once your child starts to develop teeth, it is recommended by dentist that your child receive a dental fluoride varnish treatment. When the teeth are developing, fluoride naturally found in food and water is incorporated into the tooth structure when drinking fluoride water. Fluoride becomes concentrated on the outer enamel surface when applied once the teeth have erupted. Fluoride varnish is a simple dental procedure that helps prevent early tooth decay in children. The fluoride varnish can be applied two to four times a year directly on teeth to deliver a high concentration of fluoride to the teeth. Repeated treatment is necessary to see the benefits of fluoride treatment. The active agent in fluoride varnish is derived from fluoride minerals that help strengthen the tooth enamel from the effects of acids found in foods and bacteria.

Should I be concern about the safety of fluoride varnish?

Fluoride varnish is used in many healthcare settings to prevent early childhood tooth decay and is considered safe to use. Application of fluoride varnish is applied directly to the teeth by brushing. The fluoride varnish quickly hardens to protect the teeth. Once harden, your child cannot lick or swallow the varnished. By applying fluoride directly to the teeth, this minimizes the risk of swallowing a large amount of residual varnish.

What are the benefits of fluoride varnish?

Fluoride varnish is very simple to apply when your child visits his or her dentist. Fluoride varnish is an affordable and cost-effective dental treatment with significant health benefits for children. Some of these oral health benefits can include:

  • Preventing and reducing caries in children.
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity.
  • Fluoride minerals can slow down enamel demineralization and promote remineralization of the enamel.
  • Fluoride varnish has a prolonged therapeutic effect in reducing tooth decay.

Can the high concentration of fluoride cause fluorosis on my child’s teeth?

Fluorosis is the appearance of white specks on developing teeth caused by an excessive amount of fluoride use over time in young children. Fluorosis is a legitimate concern when a high concentration of fluoride is applied to the teeth. Fluoride varnish, when appropriately applied, it is unlikely to contribute to fluorosis in children. However, the risk of early childhood caries far outweighs the cosmetic effects fluorosis.

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